Japanese Westerns

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I’ve heard that Japanese filmmakers created some westerns in the past [i’m not counting Sukiyaki Western Django since it’s a rather untypical one from what i heard]. It sounds fascinating. Anybody seen any of them? How are they? Where they can be obtained?

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Ok, so now I’m replying to my own post, but I just wanted to share some information I gathered and maybe ask for some feedback.
For what is worth these are the Japanese Westerns I know about:
Daisogen no wataridori (1960)
East Meets West (1995)
Guitar o motta wataridori (1959)
Koya no toseinin (1968)
Mekishiko mushuku (1962)
Nosappu no jô (1961)
Sandanju no otoko (1961)
Sukiyaki Western Django (2007)

The “wataridori” movies are more like combination of western and yakuza movies, but let’s not be too strict with this, Sukiyaki Western Django was far from traditional western as well. There are more movies in this series, but I don’t know if they contain western elements or not.

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Interesting, I’ve never heard about any of these (aside from the Django one)

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I once saw Koya no toseinin, but without subtitles, so I didn’t get too much of it. Looked like a cross between western and samurai.

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There isn’t much of samurai influences, only that the hero has a samurai sword but he doesn’t use it until the last confrontation. Its a “real western” meaning it’s set in the West and all the actors are caucasian except for the japanese lead and not something like Sukiyaki Western Django where film is set in 19 th century Japan but men are wearing cowboy hats.

Plot starts in the Death Rides a Horse formula, man witnesses the murder of his family, he meets the older mentor and kills the murderers one by one but in the second half it starts to have Shane influences.

I watched version that was in italian but subtitled in english and japanese. unfortunately it was cropped from sides so much that I couldn’t even always read the subs.

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I’m not familiar with Japanese Westerns, but here’s some Chinese movies that have a strong Western influence-

Return of the Chinese Boxer- really fun movie. The guy in my avatar has a special surprise. I don’t want to give it away ;D

Peace Hotel- not one of Chow Yun Fat’s best movies, but it’s decent.

Dragon Blood- this one is pretty bad. The bad guys can’t seem to pull their guns out before getting kicked by the hero.

Trinity Goes East- I’ve never seen any of the Trinity movies but Videoasia says that this is “the last and best incarnation of the Trinity franchise”. Somehow I doubt that. It’s a really stupid movie, but it’s fun if you are a fan of both SW and kung fu.