James Bond

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Just viewed Skyfall and really enjoyed it. I liked the switch to the old school in the last quarter of the film. Love that car!

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My favourite Bond film (controversial) "On Her Majesties Secret Service" the best music in a Bond film, the best girls in a Bond film and a very underrated Bond IMO.

That’s my favorite 007, too.

I believe had Connery returned to the character for that film, it would be much higher regarded amongst fans.

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So the latest Bond film has its title revealed, Spectre (quite a good one I feel) and its pretty excellent cast:


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Monica Bellucci, nice :slight_smile:

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‘LIVE AND LET DIE’, written and ‘lived’ by the late, great maestro of spy fiction, Ian Fleming.

This was the second Ian Fleming novel ever produced, immediately produced after ‘Casino Royale’

Personal note:

Having read the ‘Bond’ novels at least twice, the scene that really stands out is when ‘Bond’ is being questioned by ‘Mr. Big’…

IN the original novel, Bond’s little finger is bent back to such an angle that it audibly snaps…Bond passes out… Felix Leiter has several body parts snapped off…

…IN the film, we are treated to Sir. Roger having his little finger placed under the hook of ‘TEE-HEE’ (played to perfection by the ever-excellent, Julius T. Harris).

In my 50 years of knowing and loving ‘JAMES BOND’, ‘LIVE AND LET DIE’ is, without question, the ‘BOND’ film that has stood the test of time…not so regarding fashion, suits, music…but rather the attitude of the age…

When I say “Stood the test of time”, I mean that it is - to my mind, at least- the ‘Bond’ that consistently amuses, enthrals, and has a memorable and and powerful theme tune by Sir Paul McCartney and Wings.

'LIVE AND LET DIE ’ also has the greatest speed-boat chase imaginable, a speed-boat jump that entered the Guiness book of records; the delicious Madeleine Smith (as Roger Moore’s first ‘conquest’); and a beautiful script to die for.

If you wish, add a dash of humour, and memorable quotes such as 'Just browsing, thank you"; "Butter-hook; ; “There’s no point in going of half-cocked”; “Just being dis-arming,darling” …

And, as for the fantastic action scenes…!

Being a fan of both the Ian Fleming novels, and the films, I would like to think even Fleming, himself, would have been happy with Sir ROGER in the part of 007.

My thoughts…others would be most welcome…


P.S. In the immortal words of Sheriff J.W. Pepper: “What are you?, some kind of doomsday machine, boy!!”

If ever there was a better Bond, then I have never seen it…

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I doubt that Fleming would have liked the film.

And I don’t think it is the best Bond film, not even of the old ones, but it is the best Moo7e Bond. Well, together with The Spy Who loved Me.

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I liked Man with the Golden Gun, Spy Who, Moonraker, and Thunderball the best, as I felt they were 'more epic than the others. No offense to the other Connery and Moore, series, as they were good movies too. Dont like the newer Bonds though with Graig. To me the franchise has gone downhill…

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Alas, I’ve never been especially keen on Bond. And I always feel as though I’m missing out somehow, too. I have tried, though. I’ve actively sat down and tried to watch quite a few of them, I just can’t take to them. Ah well.

FWIW, here are the Bond movies ranked from best to worst, according to filmsite.org* (LINKhttp://www.filmsite.org/bondfilms-ranked.html):

  1. Goldfinger (Hamilton, 1964)
  2. Casino Royale (Campbell, 2006)
  3. From Russia with Love (Young, 1963)
  4. The Spy Who Loved Me (Gilbert, 1977)
  5. Dr. No (Young, 1962)
  6. Skyfall (Mendes, 2012)
  7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Hunt, 1969)
  8. Thunderball (Young, 1965)
  9. For Your Eyes Only (Glen, 1981)
  10. GoldenEye (Campbell, 1995)
  11. Licence to Kill (Glen, 1989)
  12. The Living Daylights (Glen, 1987)
  13. You Only Live Twice (Gilbert, 1967)
  14. The World is Not Enough (Apted, 1999)
  15. Diamonds Are Forever (Hamilton, 1971)
  16. Live and Let Die (Hamilton, 1973)
  17. Die Another Day (Tamahori, 2002)
  18. Moonraker (Gilbert, 1979)
  19. Octopussy (Glen, 1983)
  20. Tomorrow Never Dies (Spottiswoode, 1997)
  21. The Man With the Golden Gun (Hamilton, 1974)
  22. Quantum of Solace (Forster, 2008)
  23. A View to a Kill (Glen, 1985)

*List omits the “Bastard” Bonds, Casino Royale (the David Niven one from 1967) and Never Say Never Again (1982)

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This thread should really be merged with the already existing James Bond onehttp://forum.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/topic,614.520.html.

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One Bond thread is enough for me.

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In sixteenth position Live and Let Die is undoubtedly underrated.

On the other hand in my opinion Goldfinger is valued too highly, I definitely prefer From Russia with Love.

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And what about A View to a Kill? The movie is so underrated. At least, it’s far superior to Diamonds Are Forever and Die Another Day

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I only like Bond girls

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Re A View To A Kill…Moore was getting to old for the part, but he is my favourite Bond so I did not mind that much. Yes much better than Diamonds Are Forever for me as Connery had been eating so many pies before that film :smiley: .

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A View to a Kill might not be necessarily a good film, as a matter of fact, it’s a pretty ludicrous one and there’s no doubt about it. However, as far as I remember, it’s quite well paced, it’s got a catchy soundtrack and remains one of the most entertaining Bonds out there.

I mean I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole movie, it’s smashingly bloody dumb and absurd. The final sequence at the bridge is absolutely enrapturing in its preposterousness.

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My thoughts exactly :slight_smile: .

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For me A View to a Kill is one of the weakest Bond movies. It all goes on so mechanical that it gets boring. The only reason that it is slightly better than Moonraker is the enthusiastic performance by Christopher Walken. These 2 are the bottom of the series.

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First half hour of A View to a Kill is okay, then it starts getting boring.
It had a few assets: a good villain, good posters and Tanya Roberts’ looks

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I liked watching Bond films when I was a kid (so to me, Roger Moore is THE Bond). Today they appear too silly and mainstream to me (I haven’t seen any of Craig’s).