James Bond

(scherpschutter) #481

I don’t say he’s a bad actor, he’s just not my kind of actor.
There’s (nearly) always something in his acting that irritates me. For some reason it wasn’t there in Vickey, Christina, Barcelona

Another thing is that he really looks awful here:


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(ENNIOO) #482

Never seen Bardem in a film as of yet, which surprises me.

(John Welles) #483

Indeed, he was superb in The Sea Inside (2004) which was a very different performence to anything I’ve ever seen him do. A highly recommended movie.

(Bad Lieutenant) #484

Perdita Durango with Bardem is one to be watched. Great stuff!

(John Welles) #485

Some people have suggested that his hair was dyed blonde so as to resemble Julian Assange, being that they are both “cyber-terrorist” (open debate); I’m not sure I agree, but what do you think?

(tomas) #486

i think he is starting to look like Horst Tappert - few more dyed roles and germans can restart the series

(El Topo) #487

My favourite Bardem prformace is in Las Lunes al Sol/Mondays in the sun, a 2002 Spanish film about people that lost their joibs in a northern Spanish town, and had nothing to do, the guy is brilliant there and the film is very good, but to be honest I feel the same way as Sherp in this matter

(Yodlaf Peterson) #488

first thing I saw him in was Perdita Durango, what a crazy ass film that is!

(chameleon) #489

Barden is a very good actor.

He is quite good in this early film (Dios contados/ Running out of time-1994) as a junkie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEREWi_FExY
The torrent that i have is in spanish only, i’ve been trying to find english subs with no luck. F***!!!

He just gets better with age IMO.

(Stanton) #490

Watched Skyfall yesterday and it happened to be disappointing. Maybe 6/10, maybe only 5.

In the 3rd Craig Bond the Storm comes down to a breeze, and it is not even a fresh one. And the painful references to the older films give me the idea that Bond 24 has a good chance to become only a ripple of wind.

Well. me and my friends, we had a lot to laugh. After the film.

(chameleon) #491

[quote=“Stanton, post:490, topic:544”]Watched Skyfall yesterday and it happened to be disappointing. Maybe 6/10, maybe only 5.
Well. me and my friends, we had a lot to laugh. After the film.[/quote]

I can’t really blame you for that, i know what you mean. :slight_smile:

Anyways, finally saw Skyfall and to be honest I still like Casino Royale better because of the love story at the center w/ Eva Green. The latter film is superior visually with Deakins’ cinematography, the Hong Kong moments especially. The main Bond girl is very meh. M gets more facetime in this one which is a +

(Wild The Hunchback) #492

I’m not really into the Bond movies these days , my vote went to Moonraker , second to that it would be You Only Live Twice as it is the only one i have in my collection.

(genesis_pig) #493

The problem with Skyfall was the weak storyline that seems rehashed from stuff we’ve already seen, first half was Charlie’s Angels 2 & the last 30 minutes were Hard Target.

But it does have its moments & Sam Mendes did do a good directing job.
From Russia With Love is the best one so far. Goldfinger & OHMSS also being a personal favorite.

(Stanton) #494

And the middle part is from the Dark Knight.

Actually I think that Mendes directing is nothing special. And Deakins photography is probably overrated.

And I don’t understand why From Russia is considered that good amongst Bond fans. It is only an ok thriller with a lot of flaws. And not really a Bond film considered how the series has developed since then, compared to the usual Bond film.

(tomas) #495

that crossed my mind yesterday - if i am a Bond fan i would be disappointed by Skyfall - luckily it is not the issue for me

(tomas) #496

and don’t forget about Mission Impossible

(John Welles) #497

I actually think it’s a very good thriller, that is a lot closer to the Bond of the books than many other entries in the series.

(Phil H) #498

I’m with you, John. But on top of that it has all the facets of a satisfying Bond film without stepping over into parody. Gadgets, lovely Bond girl, exotic setting, nasty villains. Plus you get Martine Beswick in a Gypsy cat fight. Ticks all boxes for me.

(chuck connors brother) #499

Skyfall felt much more like classic Bond than Casino Royale and QoS did, imo… and Craig seems more suave and confident in the role this time.

(Stanton) #500

Being close to Fleming’s books is not necessarily good for a film.

I’m just re-reading the book, and parallel re-watching the film. Both are pretty messy. It is probably closer to the book than any other Bond movie. But the adaptation has its good and its worse parts.
The changing from the Russians trying to ruin the reputation of Bond and the MI6 and using a decoding decoding machine as a bait to the terror organisation Spectre which wants to steal the decoding machine by using Bond makes large parts oft the film a logical joke. That’s if one makes the mistake to think about the story.