"Jaguar" (1963/Franco)

A spainsh produced Paella film dealing with the venezuelan civil war I think. Dirceted by Jess Franco. Starring Jose Suarez. Filmed in Black and White.

[font=arial]Average story about people fighting against the system. Not viewed a black and white western for a while, and so used to watching tits and arse films by this director, so a little different . Always llke to spot different sort of things in westerns and the sword fight in a river was one of those moments in this western.[/font]

Then Four dollars for Vengeance ('65/Balcazar) could be a film for you, Ennioo, instead of a shootout, it has a ‘swordout’ in Zorro style (otherwise it’s a run of the mill SW)

Thanks for the information Scherpschutter and yes sounds like something for me.

Check out this online translation of my own Dutch language review, where Jess Franco becomes Jess Prepaid ;D

Yard llanero, either the jaguar, catches at in 1863 in Venezuela. There rages on that moment a civil war. Colonel Saltierra picks the moment and slaughters the family Mendoza off, their country to steal. Son Jose Mendoza appeared however totally not dead and grows years later on, not knowing who its parents were, from till the ‘Robin Hood’ of Venezuela: Yard llanero. Jose becomes however in love with the daughter of Saltierra, there not much later on behind to come how the familiehistorische fork at the stalk sit. And then a common kommandant with the very same daughter in the marriages boat threatens to step also yet…

The concerned here an unpleasant Venezuela getransporteerde western of Jess Prepaid. Beforehand sounds that interesting, with which I at the same time my motive the picture to contemplate from the cloths do. Although the film my attention to hold know fixed and has, as now and then, nice moments in house, is film it especially an awful oubollige. The plots is afgezaagd, is wooden the action and does dated the romanticism -even for that time very on. The film comes from 1963, but oogt as if he twenty year before has been made. The knulligheden do bend the tenen, but see to sporadically however also for amusement. As I wanted to turn laugh a number in from round the corny dialogues that had been meant probably seriously.

Prepaid was with these ‘western’ actual too early. The spaghetti western hausse must there after all yet arrive. It surprises me that he below never more something done has in the genre, especially that these film a proper space for improvement offers.

Gotta love these online translations. :smiley:

I´m a big Jess Franco fan (seen over 130 of his films… yes, shoot me i´m mad), but this is one of the least remarcable. Not much of a western and not much of a Zorro adventure, not much of anything actually…

Franco is a genre himself

Really boring film. Mainly just interesting as a curiosity as a early eurowestern and early Jess Franco film.