[Italy] CG / Mustang / CineKult / Surf Video etc

We didn’t have a topic for this. Anyways, I am done overhauling the overview catalog (yay)

This was quite some work, I also overhauled the Medusa catalog (see the other topic).
There may be some gaps, let me know if I missed anything.


You’ve missed one of the few titles in those catalogues still worth getting in 2023 - ‘I lunghi giorni della vendetta’. There’s not much difference (in terms of picture and audio quality) between the 2019 CG DVD and the recent EM blu-ray.
Some of the older titles such as ‘La resa dei conti’ and ‘Faccia a faccia’ are fairly decent quality, but ‘Django il bastardo’ is barely better than VHS. Suffice to say nearly all their DVDs have been superseded by superior releases. Although I think CG have lost interest in not only releasing new SW titles but also upgrading their existing catalogue.

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Thanks, will make those additions. I have mainly “cleaned up” what we had there and sorted it, I am aware it might not have been very complete, so thanks very much for your feedback on it!

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