Italian war movies aka Macaroni Combat

(The Man With a Name) #142

I got the Code Red DVD of Probability Zero & Sullivan’s Marauders today. Unfortunately the case is squashed thanks to the postman forcing it through the letterbox!

(scherpschutter) #143

Hopefully the disc is okay.
Don’t think I know the other movie, Probability Zero.

(Sebastian) #144

Curious to hear what you think. This one, right?
But I cant find that release on the code red website

(Søren) #145

Code Red’s website is an un-updated mess. Also what is available in their store changes with the seasons and I think they actually had this release for sale some time ago but it’s gone now. Their shop has a tendency to be either available for business or closed down (while handling orders). Either way they don’t ship outside of the US so not a big problem for me :slight_smile:

The release you mention is this one:

‘OOP’ as it is stated as being here should be taken with a grain of salt when dealing with Code Red. Several of their OOP titles have a tendency to pop up again.

(Sebastian) #146

Such a pity that they’re running such an unprofessional business on the distribution end, and most of their stuff isn’t on Amazon either… lots of missed opportunity

(The Man With a Name) #147

I won it on ebay.

(scherpschutter) #148

We continue our militairy offensive on the Macaroni Combat front with a review of LA BATTAGLIA DI EL ALAMEIN:

(ENNIOO) #149

The guy looks a little like Alan Sugar.

(scherpschutter) #150

I had to google Sugar, but yes, you’re right
The guy is actually Salerno, with a lot of sugar on his face. Brown sugar.

(The Man With a Name) #151

Battle of the Commandos is on movies4men at the moment. Seems like it has a completely different dub to the VHS. Jack Palance is dubbed by another actor, which a pity. I loved his absurd attempt at a Scottish accent.

(Patrick J. Burt) #152

Vincere 2009, must watch it.

(tankard) #153

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(Mark) #154

I’m trying to find a Macaroni Combat movie I used to see on TV a lot when I was in my middle school years in the late 70s. It was set in North Africa and involved a ‘caper’ of some sort with a small band of Allied and Axis soldiers working together to pull off some kind of crime. I think they were driving across the Sahara in an ambulance. One of the characters was an Italian nurse. I would say it was made between 1968 and 1971. I have no idea who the stars or director were. It was obviously an Italian production.


Could be this one

(Mark) #156

It’s possible. I watched the trailer and don’t recall more than one woman character. This movie seems to have several, but it’s been so long since I saw it. The film I’m thinking of had a lot of comedic elements as well. Not over-the-top slapstick, but there were humorous moments. I