Italian war movies aka Macaroni Combat

(The Man With a Name) #122

Thanks for the list. I ordered a Mill Creek set since it had a few macaroni combat films in. I also got an Australian DVD of the Battle of El Alamein but it’s fullscreen. Still watchable though. The UK DVD of Desert Commandos is terrible quality.

(Sebastian) #123

Starting off the GCDb Macaroni Combat series with a review of the low-budget flick THE BATTLE OF THE LAST PANZER

(The Man With a Name) #124

One of my favourites is Quella dannata pattuglia AKA The Battled of the Damned. I have a nice widescreen VHS but no DVD unfortunately. I did see a Russian release advertised (not sure if it is official or not) with English audio but I haven’t been able to find it. The Russian release of Suicide Commandos was also on amazon but someone else grabbed it before me.

(Sebastian) #125

We’d be happy to publish a review on the GCDb if you’d want to contribute one

(The Man With a Name) #126

I’ll try and review the ones I currently have in my collection.

(Sebastian) #127

This one was filmed on 70mm, damn someone please restore this shit

(Sebastian) #128

Can we republish this on the GCDb as review, @Durango ?

(Bad Lieutenant) #129

Anybody seen this one?

(Sebastian) #130

Only stumbled across it last week, it’s on my to do list to add to the GCDb

(scherpschutter) #131

We dig deeper into the Macaroni, with a Combative Review of the serio-comic FIVE FOR HELL, starring Mr. Sartana himself and co-starring Klaus Kinski (no not as himself) :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #132

Music magpie was selling a cheap copy. Had a look at the discs today and the transfers are all terrible. My VHS tapes are better than these. The transfer of War Devils looks watchable but that’s about it. The Desert Commandos transfer is a slight improvement over the UK disc but not much.

(Jonny Powers) #133

Like I said, no surprise there. Idk where I’d get better disc versions of a lot of these films though. Been meaning to look for English friendly euro releases, but aside from the obvious (5 from Hell, the Battle Force disc I got) I’m clueless.

(scherpschutter) #134

There’s a lot on Cinemageddon and even You Tube, but official discs are indeed hard to find. The genre has never been as popular as the spaghetti western or the giallo

(Jonny Powers) #135

Yes, I’ve browsed CG, but I’m interested in the discs themselves.

(Durango) #136

Hi Sebastian,

of course you can publish it on the review site. Frankly I didn’t even remember writing that, it’s been 9 years…

The eurowar genre has been a favorite of mine for decades. Been out of the loop for some time, and not making any promises, but if I find the time in the near future perhaps I can contribute some more info. Used to know a lot about different cuts, good quality DVD releases from around the world, old VHS releases.

(Durango) #137

Nice review, scherp. Five For Hell is a guilty pleasure.

(Sebastian) #138

Well thanks, and here it is :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #139

@scherpschutter doubles down

(scherpschutter) #140

For a link: see previous post

(scherpschutter) #141

We continue our journey through the world of Macaroni Combat with a review of one of the better movies in this subgenre, DESERT BATTLE (La Battaglia del Deserto):