It Can Be Done Amigo / Si può fare... amigo (Maurizio Lucidi, 1972)

Noticed there was no thread dedicated to the flick in question, so I’ve created one, database link here.

Actually not a bad spaghetti western comedy, I kind of liked it even if it happens to be on the slower side and ultimately turns out to be not particularly memorable and not all that unique.

The story sort of meanders around and progresses at a fairly leisurely pace, nevertheless, most of it is relatively well structured, which is probably why it kept my attention throughout the running time. Apart from being a lot less slapsticky than its more zany counterparts, there is likewise a moderately decent story at the center of the movie and is pretty funny in the corny sort of way.

While Lucidi’s direction is predominantly serviceable without being especially memorable and the film admittedly proves to be a little overlong in the end, I think you can do a lot worse than this as far as the comedic part of the genre goes. Hardly essential and I can definitely see why some people think it’s boring, it’s still somewhat enjoyable IMHO though.