Is the Western on Its Way Back?

(Asa) #141


(Bill san Antonio) #142

Doesn’t matter If they make money with them. And of course there are execptions, good ones and even better than originals but I think 80’s was the golden age of remakes, can’t think of many good one from last 10-20 years.

(Andy) #143

John Carpenter’s The Thing and David Cronenberg’s The Fly I think are great remakes. :+1:


I really can’t think of any, except ‘The Thing’ (1982) … but then there will be purists who hate that too, I’m sure.


You just got in before me ! LOL :grinning:


The Thing is just another adaptation of the short story Who Goes There? rather than a remake of Nyby’s film.

(Andy) #147

Carpenter’s film is truer to the source material (from what I’ve been told). It also has similarities to Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness novella.


I think Cronenberg’s The Fly is good but overrated. People can’t talk about it without gushing over the FX :scream:

(Andy) #149

Gushing over the blood-gushing effects? :smile: I am somewhat biased I think because Cronenberg is Canadian. Also like Scanners and Videodrome.

(Mickey13) #150

I would love to see a western directed by Gibson, but The Wild Bunch remake is a terrible idea in the first place. The Wild Bunch screenplay could very well serve as the departure point for a totally new movie altogether. The basic idea of remaking The Wild Bunch is downright silly.

(kit saginaw) #151

You never know when a good idea for a new western is gonna pop-up.

(Wilco Vedder) #152

Deadwood movie. I have never seen the series. Still on the bucket list.
Maybe they will be aired because of the movie.

(Asa) #153

:+1: I’m very pleased about this. Its been talked about for a long time - pretty-much since the show ended - and it was confirmed some months ago but I didn’t dare believe it might really happen until now, when it’s actually in production.


Me too :slight_smile: I genuinely started to doubt it would ever happen.