Is it allowed to post English subtitles here?

Hi guys ,

I have many of SW subtitles ( All in English ) . Is it against the rules if i post them here ?

Hi Jeno… nice post! I have myself this kind of doubt. It would be nice Sebastian talk about it !


Maybe that would be the good idea if you would post subs for movies that weren’t offcialy released in english. That would be helpful

I don’t see a reason why they couldn’t be posted here (or to the database), they are not big files and it shouldn’t be illegal in any way as far as I know.

Hello, I’m looking for english subtitles, all those titles are in spanish/german/italian audio, any help are welcome:
-May God forgive you, but I wont
-Man that cried revenge
-The great duel (Lee Van Cleef)
-God doenst pay in saturdays

kind regards

hello friends, I have myself a version of Van Cleef’s The Grand Duel, on aspect ratio 16x9, with excellent image quality, no subs and italian audio only. Are there anybody that could help me with english subs?

Does anyone have English subs for Dead Men Ride/Anda muchacho, spara?

Does anyone have English subs for ‘Les Petroleuses’?