Is Django the only theme song with both Italian and English versions?

This question came to my mind as I was thinking about Spaghetti Western themes that have lyrics. Django has an Italian and an English version, but are there any other theme songs with versions in different languages. If yes, where can they be found?

Also another question: English is the most popular language used in Spagetti Western theme songs, but are other languages used? We do have the Italian Django. The songs in Little Rita of the West are also in Italian. Vamos a Matar, Compañeros and the song from His Name Was Holy Ghost are both in Spanish.

If we talk about other songs in Spaghetti Westerns, we do have that one movie where a woman sings a song in Italian in a saloon (an Anthony Steffen movie, if I remember correctly). And then there’s Nieves Navarro singing in Spanish in Return of Ringo, which is one of my favorite scenes from the film.


The only two I know of myself where the songs have both an Italian and English version besides Django are for The Big Gundown and Kill Them All and Come Back Alone. Christy, the singer of Run Man Run was bilingual and sung well in both Italian and English. I’m not sure if Raul who did Gold was bilingual too, but he could sing good in both Italian and English as well.

An interesting trivia bit is that the Italian version of Gold is titled Come Mai.

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Check this out … very groovy! :wink:


Preparati la bara has an Italian theme also.


Here a couple of examples of alternate versions

Un dollaro bucato

7 Magnifiche pistole (also known as E Benson imparò ad uccidere)


Peter Tevis sings Pastures of Plenty

I’m not sure if there’s an Italian version, but it was years before I realized this Fistful of Dollars song existed. Not used in the film, but very fine:


I’m not sure in what circumstances the song Take an Eye for an Eye was composed for For a Few Dollars More - whether for promotional reasons or originally intended to feature in the film - but that has both Italian and English versions, both sung by Maurizio Graf.

There are many other westerns where the film features English lyrics but there’s also an Italian version, including The Hills Run Red, $100,000 Dollars for Ringo, No Room to Die, Ballad of a Pistolero, My Name is Pecos and I Want Him Dead.

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Evidently, the short answer to this, is a resounding NO :slightly_smiling_face:

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“I Want Him Dead” and “10,000 Dollars for a Massacre” have both an English and Italian theme. “Find a Place to Die” has two different vocal themes, an English one used in the movie thats sung by a character and an Italian one not in the film thats released as a single I believe. “Django Prepare a Coffin” has two different versions of its vocal theme that were released on the soundtrack. One is the main theme which has both an English and Italian version and the other is an alternate English version.

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