Introduction to Spaghetti Westerns - Beginners guide


I thougt we needed a beginners guide on the forum, feel free to post questions here.

Some regular faces in Spaghetti Westerns (some of them are almost unnecessary posting):

Clint Eastwood

Lee Van Cleef

Franco Nero

Gianni Garko

Giuliano Gemma

Tomas Millian

Terence Hill

Bud Spencer

George Hilton

Anthony Steffen

Peter Lee Lawrence

Craig Hill

Tony Anthony

Robert Woods

And over to the villians:

Gian Maria Volontè

Fenrando Sancho

Piero Lulli

José Manuel Martin

Eduardo Fajardo (sometimes supporting)

Horst Frank

Some supporting actors:

Aldo Sambrell

Eli Wallach

Klaus Kinski (sometimes also villian and sometimes lead)

Frank Wolff

José Torres

Woody Strode

Roberto Camardiel

John Ireland

Gordon Mitchell

Jeff Cameron

Anthony Ghidra


Great job Silence but you picked the worst picture of Franco Nero! :slight_smile:

Not worse than Keoma wearing the same clothes as child ;).

You forgot to mention the soundtracks by the greats



and who could forget… :wink:

[size=5]UNDER CONSTRUCTION[/size], Frank ;).

[quote=“Frank Talby, post:4, topic:1996”]and who could forget… :wink:

Aaaarrrgghh!!! :’(
The horror…the horror…


Woody Strode and Terence Hill is added.

Bud Spencer, Roberto Camardiel and John Ireland added.

Where’s Giuliano Gemma? I would consider his name to be essential - especially for a begginer’s guide!

Did he really forget Giuliano?

Beginner’s luck if he won’t be killed for this

No Giuly?!?
That’s it Silence. Go to your room
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Oops fixed that ;).

how’s about James Cameron, Anthony Ghidra, Gordon Mitchell ?

Also, Craig Hill

Just added Ghidra, Mitchell and Cameron and will also add Hill.

Added Hill and José Torres should be there too.

Don’t tell me I also forgot Aldo Sambrell! Added him of course. And Torres.

I don’t see Bodalo or Casas or Giordana or Berger or Pazzafini or Garko or Castel or Hilton.

Will add those tomorrow.