Introducing Project Cinegallic

Greetings, everyone:

I am putting together a group called “Project Cinegallic”, it is a group dedicated to creating and crowdfunding English subbed releases of rare French films. That way English-speaking fans of French cinema will be able to view and understand films that have never been available with English subtitles. I have not announced yet what the first film will be but if you guys are interested in my mission then you might want to follow Project Cinegallic on social media:

And I will need help with tracking down high quality copies of certain films. If you are interested and helping out with that than you can email me at or message me on social media.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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I like this project very much, and I’ll donate for the films I’m curious to see. I hope you’ll consider doing a release of Liste Noire (Black List) starring Annie Giradot. There’s a German DVD coming out, but I don’t think it’s English subtitle friendly. I know some French, but not enough I’m afraid.

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for which territories are you acquiring the rights to?


This is a fan project.

So you’re violating copyrights and basically pirating these? As much as the goal of making the movies available to an English speaking audience is a laudable goal, that’s basically what it will be. Please understand that we’ll have to delete this topic then because that will make the SWDb an accessory to copyright infringement.

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The films that I will be releasing have no copyright holders in the US.

OK can you give some examples of titles

Peau De Banane (1963)
La Grande Lessive (1968)
L’ardoise (1970)
Un Jour, Un Tueur (1979)

These are just a few films that I plan on issuing fan releases for. I have already checked the US copyright records website. These films have no copyright holders in the States.

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LA RUE SANS NOM (1934). Pierre Chenal’s first film.

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This film was already released on DVD by Criterion.

Great news everyone!

The Cinegallic Project’s first crowdfunding campaign is now live:

We will be raising funds for the 1963 heist caper. “Peau de Banane” starring Jean Paul Belmondo and Jeanne Moreau.

Pathé seems to have released this with subtitles (so these must exist somewhere) in the US in 1965 at least according to the IMDb. Are these subtitles maybe somewhere to be found? Does this DVD release have subs?

The fil lm was released here in America with an English dub not English subtitles.The DVD you are referring includes the dub but no English subtitles.

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What French films would you guys like to see with English subtitles?

Four days left til our Kickstarter campaign ends!


:film_projector: We have acquired the needed funding to create an English subtitled release of “Peau De Banane”.

:film_projector: The project will be available for release sometime in late November. The subtitle translation is currently in process.

:film_projector: We here at The Cinegallic Project want to give a big thanks to all who have contributed to the project. We hope you continue to support our future projects as we have big plans in store.

:film_projector: Au Revoir!

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