Introducing myself

Hi fellas.

I’m a long time movie freak (some 15 years at least) that just recently felt like taking a plunge into the pasta.

Of course I’ve been watching some of the classics on TV through the years, but now I went the bluray route.

My blu spagetti starts with these:

-Fistful Of Dollars
-For A Few Dollars More
-The Good The Bad And The Ugly
-Once Upon a Time In The West
-The Great Silence

I’ve seen all the Eastwood ones several times, but no pasta without them, right?

I think all of these are on the essential 20-list, and I intend to expand the list, but only on bluray.

Any significant bluray releases coming our way? I noticed The Great Silence comming out on jap bluray, but speak neither jap or italian, so I had to pick that one on DVD.

Hey there and welcome! I honestly, can’t help you too much with the spaghetti blu-rays, the only one I have is Blue-Underground’s Django. Although the other SW BU have look pretty good too and of course, there’s Koch Media’s bunch.

Hi Muyfa, welcome.

You can’t go wrong with the Blue-Underground Bullet For The General.

Hi Muyfa and welcome to the forum.

If you’re looking just for Spaghetti WEstern releases on Blu-ray, then look no further:

Very nice fellas.

A Bullet For The General seems like a solid Blue Underground release. I’ll be sure to pick it up. :slight_smile:

It seems BU releases very good versions of the classics. I guess I’ll keep my eye on them…