Inside jokes

I was remembering yesterday all the inside jokes I’ve spotted in spaghetti westerns, for example:

-Mule called Sartana in Day of Anger
-Man with no name, Django and col. Mortimer look-alikes in Any Gun Can Play
-Ugly guy called Ringo in Django

Have you noticed any more of this kind of jokes?

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The ‘‘Santa Klaus is coming to town’’ leitmotif for Kinski’s character in I am Sartana Your Angel of Death always raises a smile for me.

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In “My name is Nobody”, Jack Beauregard and Nobody look at a grave in the Navajo cemetery,
the name “Sam Peckinpah”… also the bad guys band is called “the wild bunch”

At the beginning of “Il bianco, il giallo, il nero” old lady in her speech quotes all the most famous Spaghetti western titles (in italian audio track).

If you want to live, shoot! In one scene there’s a plates with the names of the horses in the stable:

Killer Kid
and I believe one was Arizona Colt