Inside jokes

(Bill san Antonio) #1

I was remembering yesterday all the inside jokes I’ve spotted in spaghetti westerns, for example:

-Mule called Sartana in Day of Anger
-Man with no name, Django and col. Mortimer look-alikes in Any Gun Can Play
-Ugly guy called Ringo in Django

Have you noticed any more of this kind of jokes?

(Martin N) #2

The ‘‘Santa Klaus is coming to town’’ leitmotif for Kinski’s character in I am Sartana Your Angel of Death always raises a smile for me.

(Lanky gunman) #3

In “My name is Nobody”, Jack Beauregard and Nobody look at a grave in the Navajo cemetery,
the name “Sam Peckinpah”… also the bad guys band is called “the wild bunch”

(MunchhausenPL) #4

At the beginning of “Il bianco, il giallo, il nero” old lady in her speech quotes all the most famous Spaghetti western titles (in italian audio track).

(Bill san Antonio) #5

If you want to live, shoot! In one scene there’s a plates with the names of the horses in the stable:

Killer Kid
and I believe one was Arizona Colt