Indispensable Frank Brana!

(Lanky gunman) #1

I enjoy Francisco Javier Braña the unforgettable bad guy accomplice in 4 dozens of SW so far,
from Texas Ranger (1964) to Tex and the lord of the deep (1985)
He was in the Dollars trilogy and in OUATIW.
His placid and hard face is part of SW mythos, usually he had no
text and he is shot by the good guy,his presence is strong.
He still play movies in Spain.

His complete filmo

Pictures of him on Shobari’s excellent SW site

(Damien) #2

Yeah, he’s really cool. I always get happy whenever I spot one of those familiar faces in a “new” spaghetti western. Like Braña, José Canalejas, Benito Stefanelli, José Manuel Martin…
They may not have had the big parts, but they’re an important part of the experience. Viva Frank!

(Lode) #3

My special love gets Luigi Pistilli… :wink:

(Lanky gunman) #4

I think one of his best character (and more longer performance) is in “I want him dead” (Lo voglio morte)
he played one of the bad guys who faces Craig Hill’s “Clayton” revenge.
Anyway his filmography is wonderfull