In the Name of the Father / I quattro del pater noster (Ruggero Deodato, 1969)

That’s right, this is Cannibal Holocaust’s Ruggero Deodato directing his first and only spaghetti western. I read about this in Weisser’s book but he was not helpful at all. He says it is a lost film but what does he know. What do you guys know about this film?

Well…as you well know, Weisser is not exactly reliable! (And to think when i bought that book, the year it first came out, i took most of it as gospel until i actually started seeing some of the films!). Never seen the film itself but i do have a couple of tracks from the score (under an alternative title) on a compilation cd!

Is it really a lost film or was Weisser trying to cover his ignorance on the subject by just saying that?

Well…i do know someone who has an Italian audio dvdr of it (probably from an old vhs) so it can’t be totally lost… :wink:

No it’s not a lost film.

It seems to be a funny parody on Il quattro dell’ Ave Maria.

[quote=“stanton, post:5, topic:1301”]No it’s not a lost film.

It seems to be a funny parody on Il quattro de’ll Ave Maria.[/quote]
It’s a parody of Il quattro dell’ Ave Maria, not too funny though. Not a lost film, I have DVD-R in italian language, taken from italian tape, looks like 3rd generation copy. Never seen original tape anywhere, it must be incredibly rare. Soundtrack is some typical comedy western music + few tracks from Django under different titles.

I didn’t know this was a comedy western!

How can I get a copy of this film?

You’d probably have to trade for it or check one of the many DVDR shops… as said above, its only available in the Italian VHS transfer, as far as I know

Deodato directed a Comedy Western :o? Cannibal Holocaust Deadato? House On The Edge Of The Park Deodato?


I am interested but not

perhaps if there was an English version available… cannot find much incentive to watch an apparantly not very good comedy western in a language I do not know… however, still interested due to it being Deodato

perhaps when I get around to learning Italian :smiley:

If someone helps me get a copy (I don’t know what to trade), I promise to make English subtitles (unless the movies is painful).

You have yourself a deal Bat_Lash

I haven’t looked at my copy yet so I don’t know what the quality is like, probably not very good, but custom subtitles would be amazing of you

Haha, oh btw… if you haven’t seen many yet, its going to be painful :smiley: :smiley:

Looks like this one is a TV recording with the Station watermark in the corner

I’ve still seen a lot worse than that copy.

Watched the above version last night. As it´s mostly physical humour, there is little need for subs or English audio. I had a good time with this one. A lot of bad jokes (that had me laughing as well, I must admit) and some fairly clever jokes too. Especially the parody on the average spaghetti western duel is great. But also the casino scam and the obligatory prison escape are entertaining. Bacalov had some fun with it as well. I wouldn’t buy the soundtrack, but the comedy esque score works well for the movie. I really don’t get the bad reputation. Sure it’s no masterpiece, but far worse (and more well known) comedy spaghettis have been made. Just good fun, perfect for a saturday night. 6/10

My, more elaborate, thoughts in Dutch here:

Well - here it is … on ebay at the moment. I’m not bidding this sort of price for it though! Over 20 quid with postage already - and still 2 days to go.

I agree with Bad Lieutenant, this film is good fun. It’s a made before the Trinity craze so it’s more original and not like the dozens of Trinity rip-offs of the 70’s. Even though I saw it in italian and missed all the verbal jokes I’d say it’s one of the best comedy sw’s I’ve seen. Yes, the parody of a sw duel was really memorable scene.

My rating: 5/10