In desperate need of

Der Letzte Ritt Nach Santa Cruz (1963) (With English Subs or Dubbing) ( Director - Rolf Olsen) (Features Klaus Kinski)


The Last Ride To Santa Cruz
The Last Stage To Santa Cruz

How desperate are you?
I just might be able to get it.

Very desperate.

It’s the only Kinski western that i don’t have.

Thanks BL.

Got Time Stalkers already?
Anyway, I know a guy who probably has it. The reason I’m asking how desperate you are is that he’ll want something in return. In other words, how much money are you willing to spend? I’ll make an inquiry anyway, no probem.

I have Timestalkers on VHS, have done for years.

Thanks , let me know how much he wants for it and i’ll take it from there.