In a Colt’s Shadow / All’ombra di una colt (Giovanni Grimaldi, 1965)

I have the Japanese DVD, lyrics sound very American, if i remember well. Done on purpose, I guess. it’s an early one, and they still wanted to be real American cowboys.

Is the beating shown?

I haven’t paid attention to that, which part of the film is that supposed to be in?

About an hour into the movie (in the cut version the scene begins as shown in the pic above).

I have no idea.

I watched it only once, and that was years ago. And it is, hello, from Tijuana. I have noted the version as uncut.

Re watched this one from the recent BluRay release and the picture quality is as good as it’s going to get. The film for me is better than average, it’s entertaining with a good story, action and a catchy score.

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This one impressed me. Definitely above average, and I loved the music!

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Watched the Koch blu ray last night. Clichéd plot and characters, the two leads are wooden and dull, but some well-played minor roles and ingeniously staged final shoot out. The print is in excellent shape and does justice to the outstanding landscape cinematography. Others pluses are Fidenco’s wistful score and the arty credit sequence, so it scores high on the SW audio and visual essentials. Although the narrative is naive, it’s refreshingly coherent.

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Does anyone know the artist on the credit sequence? I watched that four or five times in a row before moving on to the actual movie…

Watched for my second viewing since back in 2013. Didn’t remember much so it was like a first viewing again. Some beautiful scenery which really comes to life on the Koch released blu ray transfer compared to the old DVDs. Excellent score by Nico Fidenco and some nice action sequences. Hindered a bit by the too clean-cut, white shirt cowboy look on the lead, but otherwise I think this is a solid spaghetti which seems under-appreciated.

Finally was able to snag the theatrical poster in high resolution from an ebay listing, and another alternate as well:

The scene is cut on the Koch blu. At 1hr00m39s this scene begins where they are holding the bloodied man, no beating is shown


Thanks for this post. I did not know that the Koch Blu-ray was cut. I’ll now have to dig out the DVD version to make a clip of the deleted scene. I wonder how many of their other Blu-rays are cut also?

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I just watched this one again.
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At least some of the “filming location” was set at Manzanares El Real



English language print on You Tube missing the beating as well. Is it in any print - seems to have been missing from the UK theatrical release also. Print had cockfighting shots and wire-trip horse falls cut by the UK BBFC though.

Very short running time - 81m (78m Pal).

Must have had about 10m or so trimmed in post production. But they still left about 10m of riding ‘padding’. I think the opening credits were originally intended to be superimposed over the opening scene of Steve & Duke riding down from long shot into medium shot. The shot is too long otherwise.

Several obvious deletions - Susan’s introductory scene and Steve/Susan’s marriage as well as the beating up.

I loved this movie. It is beautifuly shot, it has equally beautiful music and the protagonist is very threatening. I just like the mix of a classical western and a SW. 5/5

I quite did not get the ending with the bullets. Why did he remove them? Can anyone explain it?

Oh, I think I get it now. He knew he would win given the fact that he was in his prime so he made it basically a 50/50. Wow, that is even deeper and cooler than I thought it would be. I like it even more now.