Imdb link addition

The imdb link for Brakýři (1983)ýři

All the best

Thanks, added it. For small stuff and additions you can also always send me a personal message or we create one topic where you can post all stuff that you notice

OK. I can always send you a personal e mail if it is complicated to create a new topic.
I do that because I like to see each movie page as complete as possible.
Thank you

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you became an editor yourself?


Oh that is an honor and I thank you.
But I think that it is too early for me as I am new in the Forum (the first Forum I’ve ever been a member of BTW) and I am not that good with technical stuff.
I am good in research, archiving etc, but the PC things… I still fear them.
Having said that, it is never too late. We’ll see.
Thanks again.

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Hello Sebastian hope you are fine.
There is this Carlos Saura 1964 film, with much SW elements but with his own “dancing” style.
Check it out, it may fit.