Im looking the name of a western movie

this is short story lane of the movie its start ranger who came in one town to become a sheriff before going to town he meets a two brother criminals.One of them the ranger kills and the other he takes him to town he met a child who comes from Mexicoand offers him a job to clean his prison.The sheriff learns that the man who imprisoned a member of a powerful gang that leads the brother of the man who is the guy who is in jail.One night the boy who works for him who sleep in the jail saw a two who helps the prisoner to escape and later they shoot him at the back on the street .The boy tells the sheriff that he didnt saw their faces but he saw that they have soldier boots.At the same time the man who killed the prisoner goes to tel his brother that the sheriff killed his two brothers one of them in the back.Meanwhile the sheriff learns that one soldier has left the fortress.The leader of the gang comes to the town seeking for revenge of the killing of his brothers but the sheriff said to him that he dont kill his brother who was in jail and that he is going to find who killed him and askes for more time.The leader of the gang says to the sheriff that he has a one day to proof that he doesnt kill his brother.After that the sheriff is folowing the trail and is intercepted by indians who tell him that thew indiansis going to start a war if they doesnt recevied theyre goods who is prommissed by the white man.The sheriff promisses to the indians that they wiill recevied their goods.At the end of the movie sheriff learns that the killing of the criminall associated witha busines of riding a coach to one town to another to carring somethung.The sheriff tell to the leader of the gang that one old man (i forgot to tell about him) who welcomes him in town i give yhe keys of the prisson is guilty about his brother death.Please help to find a title of this movie because im lookingfor it for i very long time thank you

Sorry mate - I can see you’re online.
I doesn’t ring a bell with me.
They’re aren’t that many spaghettis that feature indians as much.

Phil, stanton or scherpy (amongst others), may have a better knowledge on these matters.

Doesn’t ring any obvious bells with me I’m afraid.
Do you remember any of the actors maybe?

Looks more like an Audie Murphy western to me than a spaghetti western

I seem to remember some things about this boots, but can’t put my finger on it

I think I have seen this film, only I’m not exactly sure which it was.

One suspect is a TV western called Yuma directed by Ted Post and starring Clint Walker. But I can’t check it right now.
If it was instead a SW it won’t be easy to remember the title, as it probably wasn’t one with a lasting impression.