Il Segno del Coyote/El Vengador de California (1963) Dir Mario Caiano

Abble to see this one

Title - Il segno del coyote
Director - Mario Caiano
Year - 1963

A Spanish/Italian production, of the early sixties. Cast it’s mostly from both mentioned countries, being El Coyote the Mexican actor Fernando Casanovas.
The typical Zorro/El Coyote plot with Coyote being the defensor of the weak and opressed. So nothing new year there’s a lot of films from this time table dealing with the issue. I got a good copy in spanish language.
The locations, figurines and waredrobe are excellent, very well done, nothing show that this was a low budget production.
Caiano made a lot of SW (mostly with Antonhy Steffen), in this one apart from being a little in auto mode we can see that he know is bussiness, and was a director on which the producers could count.
This were the movies that made Spain an important place in film production during the 60 an 70

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Anyone know if this has anything to do with the earlier Coyote films from the 50’s?

Its’s the same movie Silence but you must have the dates wrong it’s from 1963. there were indeed a lot of El coyote/zorro movies of course

No they’re not the same film, these are the two other Coyote films:,_El,_La

Just re visited this one via a widescreen web print from Amazon. Zorro style really, which has some western feel to film at times. Very early one so minimal style, but a short and simple film that does not pretend to be something it should not.

Have it on my watch pile, i’ll be watching it soon.