Il grande sentiero (Louis R. Loeffler, Raoul Walsh, 1931)

I was browsing a little and stumbled on something interesting. Apparantly there are several versions of The big trail, a John Wayne film, that have been shot with different casts. Solely for the close ups as someone on the Amazon forum states.
Il grande sentiero is the name of the Italian version. Probably not a spaghetti westerns as chances are it was shot in the USA, but with an all Italian cast nevertheless.

Franco Corsaro

Luisa Caselotti

Guido Trento

Franco Puglia

Agostino Borgato

Lucino Garuffi

Violet Galeotti

IMDB doesn’t even an entry, but TCM does:

Other versions:
French: La Piste des géants (1931), directed by Pierre Couderc, starring Gaston Glass (Pierre Calmine), Jeanne Helbling (Denise Vernon), Margot Rousseroy (Yvette), Raoul Paoli (Flack), Louis Mercier (Lopez). La Piste des géants at the Internet Movie Database
German: Die Große Fahrt (1931), directed by Lewis Seiler and Raoul Walsh, starring Theo Shall (Bill Coleman), Marion Lessing (Ruth Winter), Ullrich Haupt (Thorpe), Arnold Korff (Peter), Anders Van Haden (Bull Flack), Peter Erkelenz (Fichte), Paul Panzer (Lopez). Die Große Fahrt at the Internet Movie Database
Spanish: La Gran jornada (1931), directed by David Howard, Samuel Schneider, and Raoul Walsh, starring Jorge Lewis (Raul Coleman), Carmen Guerrero (Isabel Prados), Roberto Guzmán (Tomas), Martin Garralaga (Martin), Al Ernest Garcia (Flack), Tito Davison (Daniel), Carlos Villarías[2] (Orena), Charles Stevens[3] (Lopez). La Gran jornada at the Internet Movie Database
Source: Wikipedia

So, anyone seen it or have any more info?

Should we set up an SWDb entry?

No, I don’t think so: no European involvement in the film’s production, even the actors were mostly Americans (or Italians living in the US).

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