IFC Documentary-'The Spaghetti West'

Apologies if there’s already a thread on this one. Just watched this for the first time, and was wondering everyone’s thoughts?

I thought it was ok. They could’ve dealt more with the music in my opinion (never even really touched on the iconic The Good The Bad and The Ugly Themes, nor expanded on Alessandroni’s famous whistle!) but gave a decent overall synopsis, I suppose.

Still, a little too short. :slight_smile:

ps: I probably should’ve watched The Great Silence before watching this, because they gave away the ending! :frowning:

I enjoy watching it from time to time and it’s a good DVD to loan out to friends you are trying to convert. :smiley:

I just wish the DVD had more special features besides just the documentery.

Agreed :frowning:

Oh, there is a DVD? I just own a record of the TV screening… Where is the DVD from? US?

there is, and not just one