If you were in Westworld, what would you do?

(Sebastian) #1

I’m working on an immersive western project and it already has a couple of elements from your typical western but I would like to know (now that the remake of west world just aired) what would you do or like to do if you were in westworld?

(The Man With a Name) #2

Will you be including a whore house?

(Farmer_J) #3

Keep away from the bald, black clothed gunman staring at me :wink:.

(Nick) #4

The very first thing I’d do is have a showdown. Blast a some intense trumpet music over a PA system and shoot it out with five or six guy’s.

I’d probably ride off into the sunset afterwords and do the same thing tomorrow.

(Toscano) #5

I’d shoot my Landlord…save on rent!

(Sebastian) #6

Not yet, though it will have a saloon with shady characters.

(Sebastian) #7

one bad hombre.

(Asa) #8

You need an undertaker’s, with a guy who looks like Joseph Egger outside, making coffins and cackling to himself.