If you meet sartana pray for your death vs sabata

These two movies are directed by the same director and both very similar in style, so which film does everyone prefer. I think I prefer sartana just a tad more but I love both these films and find them both some of the most entertaining to watch in the genre.


Sabata … better music, cast, villain and much higher production values - I like Sartana also :grinning:

Sartana, as it can actually be taken seriously. But Sabata is certainly good fun.

I think I agree that the music, villain and production values are a little better in Sabata. I also love William Berger equally in both films, I just think sartana takes itself a tad more serious and Gianni garko looks great as sartana although I could say the same for lee van cleef as Sabata, I don’t know there both almost equally great to me, I just tend to like the seriousness of sartana a tad more and it also has Klaus kinski in a great cameo scene.

I also love that if you meet sartana pray for your death almost cracks the top 20, actually I think it’s tied at 20 with run man run (based on votes)which I really need to check out, it’s a crime I haven’t seen that movie yet as it’s one of the top 20 favorites.

If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death over Sabata all day long.

I’d take both If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death AND Sabata over Run Man Run. I’d take Adios Sabata over Run Man Run. In fact tbh I’d take Django and Sartana Are Coming… It’s the End over Run Man Run. :slight_smile:

I need to see it still before I can have an opinion on it but you certainly don’t seem to be a fan, may I ask what don’t you like about it, that film is one of the next ones I’m going to watch.

I wouldn’t say I don’t like it as such - I own the Blue Underground DVD - I just like a lot of other Spags more. I recall seeing it for the first time and within the first ten minutes or so thinking, wow, this is going to be a new big favourite. It’s very well made. But then it begins to meander, eventually losing its way (or, at least, losing my interest) altogether. Also, I was probably somewhat unfairly expecting something more from the sequel to The Big Gundown, one of my favourite westerns of all.

That’s just my opinion though. Generally speaking it’s a well-liked Spag and for good reason.

Sartana for me as a bit more unpredictable at times.

I’ve always enjoyed Sabata a little more to be honest, the film’s bigger budget and slightly more coherent story line are a little more enjoyable for me. Also I think I like having Franco Ressel in the main villain role rather than William Berger. Both do fine but I enjoy Berger working as an untrustworthy ally.

That being said I honestly need to see Sartana on blu ray, the awful past releases we’ve had have sort of hampered my ability to enjoy the film, so I’m sure my opinion might change once we get our hands on the new German edition.