If you could spend the day with a SW character who would you choose?

I would go for Jill (Claudia Cardinelle) for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue: but who would you guys choose?

Whatever characters Femi Benussi played :-*

Keoma. We could go to the zoo & then go out for pancakes or something. Try & get him to cheer up a bit.

I can see Yodlaf point on this one, but I can tag along with any character played by Rosalba Neri

I wouldn’t mind being Sartana’s sidekick for a day.

Hmm… A hard one… I wouldn’t mind spending a day with Tuco (providing I have a gun and he doesn’t)…

Fernando Sancho. He always seems to have plenty to eat, but I would have to be fast just in case he eats all the food. Usually has plenty of cash or working on a scheme to get some cash.

Three possibilities: Jill, for obvious reasons, Colonel Mortimer, my favourite SW character, or professor Xantos, I’d like to have a good conversation with him about his philosophy of violence, non-violence and revolution

Well my favourite SW characters are loners so I guess they wouldn’t like to have someone near them for a whole day. But I wouldn’t mind playing a couple of poker games with Sartana or having a drink with Clint. Paying a visit to The Prophet wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

I’d like to share bottle of tequila with Jeff from Massacre Time.

Don’t think he wants to share it, Bill. You’d better bring your own bottle

I wouldn’t mind a poker game with Hot Dead from Sartana Angel of Death. I’ll always win!

Sounds a wise move to me.

As hot as those SW women were, cleanliness wasn’t real big back then so I’ll pass on them. I’d say Trinity/Nobody. He’d be a riot.

I’d spend some time with Hallelujah. Love the sewing machine gun!

I would meet the boy from Silver Saddle. I would place him on his lil’ pony and send him over a pretty high edge of a cliff…

two hours with nicoletta maciavelli from navajo joe :wink:

I would spend a night with the two mormon chicks from They Call Me Trinity ;D Actually I think Sabata would be cool to hang with since his friends end up loaded with cash in the end.

Oh c’mon, you can’t ask the question, and then provide the only logical answer to the question.

Jenny Agutter from ‘China 9, Liberty 37’, Agneta Eckemyr from ‘Blindman’, or Magda Konopka from the same movie!!!

But if we are talking about people we are not attracted to, then probably Tuco!