If One Is Born a Swine... Kill Him / Carogne si nasce (Alfonso Brescia, 1968)

English Dub is confirmed :slight_smile:


I’m really excited about this one, I remember seeing some the film on the Database’s YouTube channel when it uploaded a few of the rarer SWs in full, a shame the channel had to stop showing them. Gordon Mitchell’s an absolute blast in his role.

Don’t expect too much though! Pretty average stuff. Brescia never made a solid, thoroughly entertaining Spagh IMO. It has some good scenes though, like the opening one. Very Spaghesque :grinning:

Brescia’s SWs are mid-level but I kinda like them, between the five my least favourite is The Colt Is My Law. The two adventure films from the mid-seventies with Robert Woods and Pedro Sanchez on the contrary are by their very nature not very interesting.

Is the following review correct?

Especially, I suspect the captured images may not be from this DVD, but from Italian broadcasting.

aside from not having used DVD screenshots (it is a possibility), what else is incorrect?

Simply, I would like to know the actual image quality.

He writes widescreen, like a very good VHS :wink:

Thank you, Sebastian. :grinning:
But he used the exactly same description about the image quality for " Domani passo a salutare la tua vedova… parola di Epidemia".

I suspect that he made a copy and paste mistake.
As the recent released DVDs from True Grit / Cargo Movies are very expensive, I’d like to know exactly about the image quality is for reference on whether to buy it or not.

yes they are horribly expensive… well, you can always go by some of the comments on Amazon which suggest that the image doesn’t look too bad

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