Identify film with gimmick gun-boot


My dad has now on multiple occasions brought up a western he watched in his youth (1970s or so) in which a character had a trick gimmick-gun built into his boot, which would fire a bullet when he kicked. My dad is convinced this was a central gimmick to the character and not a one-off thing.

He thinks ether the character or movie was called Zapata or something in that vein (which seems to be a subgenre based on a specific Mexican outlaw), so my first thought was that it would be one of the three Sabata movies, which famously use gimmick weapons, although none of the descriptions that I can find seem to mention anyone shooting a bullet by kicking with their boot. It could be a more obscure knock-off of course.

Can anyone help me find a movie with such a character?

There’s a scene in ‘Catlow’ (1971) where Yul Brynner has a pistol hidden inside his boot, and takes a shot at Leonard Nimoy and his gang of bounty hunters … other than that, nothing rings a bell.

Here’s the trailer which shows part of the scene … but he only does the trick once, as far as I remember.

PS: Cheyenne (Jason Robards ) in ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, also shoots someone through his boot, from the roof of a moving train.


Thank you for your suggestions. It sounded more like the character was using a mechanism in his boot to shoot a bullet out of it instead of using a pistol - but I’ll check with him.

Also I just realised that I somehow wrote “gimmick” wrong in the thread title, and that is massively embarrassing.

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A thought that came to mind was that your Dad might be recalling a scene from 'Adios, Sabata’, where Yul Brynner uses his boot to kick over a gun and kill someone…


Also in Adios Sabata there’s a character that repeatedly slings bullets from his moccasin with a kicking motion. There’s no actual shooting however.

Other than that I only remember this deadly kick shot at around 3:20 of this clip.


I think the moccasin bullet slinging might be it. I’ve ordered a DVD with Danish subtitles to show my dad to check (and a blu-ray set of the entire trilogy for my own collection). Thank you for the help. I’ll mark this as the solution if it turns out to be correct!


That would definitely have been my guess. Especially with the film’s title of Adios Sabata too.