I Want Him Dead - Lo voglio morto (Lo Quiero Muerto)

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I Want Him Dead - Lo voglio morto (Lo Quiero Muerto)

Just curious if this is already available in English?
I have a copy in Italian and Spanish and I could translate the Spanish version if anyone is interested.




I have the brazilian dvd from ocean pictures and it has english audio.


Whats the quality like on that one ?


I have two dvds from ocean pictures, I WANT HIM DEAD and CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES, pic quality is a bit better on the first one, don’t imagine anything great, looks like a nice transfer from a well preserved old VHS tape.



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Thanks for the heads up.
I was going to translate the Spanish version which would of been a nightmare because that particular track was awful.
The Italian track sounds crystal clear.

(Chris_Casey) #7

The version I have, with English audio, is the one Franco Cleef did using the Koch Media DVD.

(Sebastian) #8

I also only have the Koch, but I’m willing to sell it

(The Man With a Name) #9

See http://forum.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/topic,1097.60.html for posts I made on the quality of the Brazilian DVD and the Cult action bootleg.