I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

If you are happy with your purchase, then that’s all that counts… enjoy.


Very pleased indeed, and the slipcover is an added bonus.

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Very cool pickups there amico, a good batch of varied goodies. As a fan of the classic era of pro wrestling, Iron Claw does intrigue me a little. The Von Erichs were wrestling prior to my birth and from when I was a baby to a toddler, so I never did get to see them on TV, though out of all the brothers only Kevin’s style interested me the most as he was the technical wrestler of the family. They did have a Kennedy Family vibe with all the tragedy they experienced, minus the skeletons in the closet thankfully, but their stories are still fascinating non the less.

I’ve heard similar stories of Bass Reeves being the basis of the Lone Ranger, very interesting stuff and credible too I believe. Reeves’s own story is very fascinating and it’s a shame he’s not more famous than he is as he did break a few barriers back in that time period.

The Thin Blue Line is Rowan Atkinson’s most underrated TV Show, maybe not as iconic as Mr. Bean and Black Adder, but still very funny and well written.


The 2006 version of ‘The Omen’, starring Liev Schieber…
Which - although not a patch on the 1976 original - is rather entertaining if you like the continuing adventures of Damien…


The Transformer films are pretty much boll**ks, and the story-lines are almost non-existent, but the special effects are stupendous…

All three purchased for mere pennies…


Never a truer word was spoken! :wink:

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Eye-Candy effects with modern films…and now A.I.?

No thanks, I’m fine with the ‘Golden Oldies’…

Now you know why I love the classics …no special effects, or CGI…just a bloody good story.

They never age…

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Two more pickups with Birthday cash

Never picked up the first volume as only two of the titles interested me, but this 2nd volume has all the best goodies in it. Barbara Steele, Rosalba Neri, and Robert Woods - doesn’t get much better.

And finally added this Damiani classic to the collection


A Tobe Hooper horror, courtesy of ‘Arrow’