I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2883

New blu-rays:

Wasn’t especially taken with The Conjuring 2 when I saw it but I enjoyed Annabelle: Creation a couple of week ago and I think the first movie was a cracking picture so I thought, sod it, let’s get it and give it another go. Maybe I wasn’t quite in the right mood for it or something.

(Søren) #2884

A tv series for once:




Kinda wish I had this when I met Jeff Combs and Barbara Crampton the other month:

(Søren) #2886

Also ordered that The Deer Hunter UHD and preordered some of the coming John Carpenter UHD collector’s editions. Still need a player and tv but the reasons for upgrading are piling up.

(Andy) #2887

I saw those being advertised on a facebook group I am in. I would buy them but I don’t have a 4K TV or blu-ray player. I just finished collecting a bunch of the regular blu-ray collector’s editions.

That must’ve been fun! I am a fan of Jeffrey Combs from Star Trek and his many Lovecraft horror movie appearances. I’ve been wanting to get the Scream Factory collector’s edition of From Beyond.


I still haven’t got round to watching the DVD of The Deer Hunter , which I bought about 10 years ago :blush: Technology is moving way to fast for me.

I did see it in the cinema around 1982, and was blown away (not in the Russian roulette sense )


These days The Deer Hunter is synonymous with The Searchers for some folk. “It’s racist! Therefore 0/10!” :roll_eyes:

(Søren) #2890

I’ve only owned it via a cheap dvd release I never had the stomach to watch else my only encounter with it is when sent on tv. Haven’t seen it for 15 years I think.

But I know what you mean. Buying a dvd that gets upped by a blu-ray that gets beaten by a better transfer blu-ray and now potentially beaten by a UHD and every single one of them still in shrink.


This is my 4th time owning it.

DVD > 2 disc DVD > Digibook blu-ray > 4K blu-ray


LOL … Thank God we now live in a world where everyone accepts and respects each other’s cultural diversity, and we’re all best pals - Damn those old Hollywood directors for portraying the armies as mean spirited baddies - What’s wrong with those people ! :laughing:

(Andy) #2893

Just bought a couple used blu-rays on ebay:



(Asa) #2894

Just ordered:

(Søren) #2895

A single Italian:

Das schreckliche Geheimnis des Dr. Hichcock


(Phil H) #2896

Had a bit of a binge recently due to my local Fopp having a sale on.










(The Man With a Name) #2897

How is the quality of the Fenech films? I heard some negative reviews about the shameless releases, so I haven’t bothered purchasing them yet.

(Phil H) #2898

Haven’t had a chance to look at them yet but will let you know when I do


(Andy) #2900

Does anyone here own this?


Will it absolutely not work in a Region A player? I really want it because of all the new special features but I can’t find one for Region A. I thought Arrow releases were mostly region free.

(Søren) #2901

Only the ones that are also released in Region A-country. The UK-only releases are nearly all of them region locked.

(Andy) #2902

Thanks…I guess I’m outta luck :confused: