I am looking for help

(adamm07) #1

Hey, I have ten spaghetti westerns on my wish list.
I want to buy them on cinecity, but I can afford only four.
And now I need help to decide which are better.

Wish list:
Shotgun (1968)
Tierra Brava (1969)
Pray to God and Dig Your Grave (1968)
Poker with Pistols (1968)
Man Called Amen (1968)
Hey Amigo… Rest in Peace (1970)
Vengeance for Vengeance (1968)
Dirty Fifteen (1967)
Thirteenth is a Judas (1971)
Kill Django… Kill First (1971)

which do you recommend and why?

(Bill san Antonio) #2

My favorites would be these maybe

Vengeance for Vengeance
Man Called Amen
Tierra Brava

None of the films you have on your list is really great but there’s no crap among them either.

(adamm07) #3

thanks :slight_smile:
I think that I saw all really great spags (but maybe not, there’s El Puro left)


More or less the same as Bill really:

Tierra Brava (1969)…good and different story to that one.

Vengeance for Vengeance (1968)…Nice seeing John Ireland in full bad man mode in this gritty western.

Dirty Fifteen (1967)…solid enough western.

Shotgun (1968)…like Tab Hunter.

(Stanton) #5

I would take those:

Pray to God and Dig Your Grave (1968)
Poker with Pistols (1968)
Vengeance for Vengeance (1968)
Dirty Fifteen (1967)

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen any of them lol. Its been almost two years since I last saw an SW for the first time.

(the_ugly) #7

I saw Dirty Fifteen. It was…ok.

(JonathanCorbett) #8

For now I have seen six of these films, the best in my opinion are certainly Vengeance for Vengeance and Hey Amigo… Rest in Peace followed by Man Called Amen. I prefer - ‎albeit slightly - Kill Django… Kill First to Pray to God and Dig Your Grave and consider Thirteenth is a Judas the worst, or at least the most disappointing.

I had a look at Dirty Fifteen months ago but I haven’t watched the entire thing yet, if I remember correctly it is a film characterized by the almost total absence of close-ups and details typical of SWs.

(Stanton) #9

Believe me, it is a typical SW in every respect. Only the ending looks like a “the-producer-demanded-something-more-optimistic” one.

(adamm07) #10

Thanks, it looks like Vengeance for Vengeance is a must-have.

Only the ending looks like a "the-producer-demanded-something-more-optimistic" one.

How about other films from my list?
There is a sort of “forced happy ending” somewhere besides Dirty Fifteen?

(Stanton) #11

The ending from Pray to God and Dig Your Grave is also a quite strange one. Gave me also the impression that it was prepared by someone else than the director.

Still, both films are recommended and the best from your list. imo …

(JonathanCorbett) #12

Are you thinking about someone in particular? :wink:

Two sides of Western all’italiana

(Stanton) #13

Are those brothers?

(JonathanCorbett) #14

Demofilo and Sergio? One never knows… ;D