I 10 del Texas (Ignazio Ferronetti, 1961)

Found this oddity through the random page generator. What do we know about it?

Database page: 10 del Texas, I - The Spaghetti Western Database

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Given the β€œstars” it must be some sort of documentary or retrospective? Very interesting find though.

I 10 del Texas – Italian title

I dieci del Texas – Italian title

Dix au Texas – French title

Dix du de tien van Texas – French title

10 From Texas – English title

A 1961 Italian, French documentary co-production [Gino Santi S.F.R. (Rome), Francinor


Producer: Gino Santi

Director: Ignazio Ferronetti

Story: Ignazio Ferronoetti

Screenplay: Ignazio Ferronetto


Music: Daniel J. White

Running time: 95 minutes

Story: The film is an anthology of excerpts from old western films. The episodes contain all the events typical of the genre: panning for gold, bank robberies, cattle thefts, stagecoach attacks, pioneers and, of course, Indians.


Ralph Bellamy, William Boyd, Gary Cooper (Frank Cooper), Tom Mix (Thomas Mix), George O’Brien, Jack Randall, Fred Scott, John Wayne (Michael Morrison), Hal Price, Al Saint John (Alfred St. John), Fuzzy Knight, Lily Damita (Liliane Carre), Marsha Hunt, Evelyn Venable, Dorothy Wilson