How to put english subs on a movie?

does any one know how to go about putting english subs on a dvdr of a movie?
i want to do that to a copy of “mestizo” i have.

I’d say import the film to a movie editing program and then add subs.

If you have a sub file you can watch the film on your computer using VLC player and just select the subs or you can convert the dvdr to avi and watch it with subs.

You can burn the films with ConvertXtoDVD it takes longer of course, but it’s a good program that accepts subs, be careful if the subs are the right ones, normally SRT files are more easy to work with, and are the only type of sub that work in ConvertXtoDVD.

If you want to actually burn a disc with a film with burnt on hard subs you can also use “the film machine” which is a free program. It takes a long time though you’d probably have to do it while you are sleeping.