How to play "THE BIG GUNDOWN" on guitar

this is my version of THE BIG GUNDOWN main theme song on acoustic guitar.

there is not enough videos of spaghetti western music on guitar.
there are a million videos of TheGood,Bad,Ugly played on guitar, but most of them suck.
so here is my attempt at recreating the music of ENNIO MORRICONE on guitar.

please let me know what you think.

I like it!

Nice to see another theme get a chance for a change.

Yeah that was great, I like the build up.

Nicely done. I have done some spaghetti western covers myself although I used electric guitar and bass. Never took a stab at the Big Gundown though. I like your fingerpicking style, it really lends itself to that particular track. I have always used a pick myself as my style is more electric. Thanks for sharing!

More, please. :slight_smile: