How to Link to Amazon

When linking to one of our Amazon partner websites (currently .com, .de,, .fr and .ca) please follow the linking format illustrated below.

Each product on Amazon has a unique ASIN (or ISBN with books) that you can copy and use with a link provided below. The links below feature only an example ASIN that needs to be replaced.

Please note that the different partner sites use a slightly different format and the PARTNER ID (e.g. “swdb-21”) is not the same across the different Amazon shops.

I’m now trying to better separate the QTQ, the SWDB and The Deuce in terms of Amazon referalls, so I just want to ask you all to make sure that if you put amazon links up, that you make sure you are using the right ID

for spaghetti-western-20
for spaghetti-21
for italowestern-21
for spaghetti-20
for swdb-21

HERE ARE ANOTHER LIST OF EXAMPLES, in a very simple way, since most links look usually a bit longer (as that’s the default way Amazon creates them but they don’t have to be as complicated): (Germany): (UK): (USA): (Canada): (France):

Notice I simplified these links and stripped them of a lot of attributes, what remains is the ASIN/ISBN number and the partner-site tag at the end, called by the ?tag=

Due to the recent and much waited launch of,

here is how you link to

!!! replacing B0013XZ6LG with the proper ISBN or ASIN from Amazon. It is very important that the “&tag=spagh-21” remains!!!

Bump due to popular demand. Thr Amazon fees are the SWDb’s main way of carrying itself financially, so do help out using them, both when linking to products as well as when shopping yourself, thanks


Can we do this for any Amazon item to which we’re providing a link, or must it only be for Spag/Eurowestern paraphernalia? It’s just that I buy from Amazon frequently, and I frequently post my purchases to the I Just Bought… (non-SW shopping diary) thread. Could I stick Amazon referral links to all of those?

Any product works, the more the merrier

Ah there was a topic for this :slight_smile:

Thanks amigo.

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As a buyer, I have tried to since I first discovered this site a few years ago. I have had 2-3 DVD’s arrive damaged/destroyed because of poor packaging but those were from Amazon US. Shipments from the EU have been fine (knock on wood as I have another on the way) and I definitely like the 3 Euro shipping cost all the way to the west coast of the US for a single disc.

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Have had similar experiences. Amazon US often does baaad packaging. Don’t think I’ve placed more than a handful orders with them but have twice had to complain due to bad packaging. Once they even sent me a package stating my name and town but no mention of street address :slight_smile: The package did arrive but the postman asked: is this for you :slight_smile:

Have bought from virtually all of the European amazons and have had no packaging issues whatsoever. And I have placed tons of orders with especially the UK and German branch.

Well just this week I had to return sth. from Amazon Germany for the first time because it arrived broken :wink:

I think I might have done this about half the time I ordered spags, simply by clicking through the links in the DVD sections, but for all my orders I would just need to add that tag to the end of each item, refresh the page, and then add it to my cart? Or would I need to buy it directly?

Just ading the tag will not always work, but the links on the SWDb should all be formatted directly. What it does is set a cookie for one session, and if you then make a purchase, we get a percentage

Alright, thanks, I thought I could use it for all my other purchases!

yes you can! you just need to visit one of our links once in the same session. once you close your browser, it’s gone, and you’ll have to revisit one of these links to set the cookie again

In that case why isn’t there a “support the site by initiating your amazon shopping by clicking one of these links” and then a link for each of the amazon-sites on the front page of the forum / general site ?

I buy tons from amazon but really only thought that money came back to you if I bought the precise product that was linked to.

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Ok I can do that, but there is only a fraction of people coming through the main site. So maybe I will put it in the footer then…