How to join the Staff of the SWDB

(Sebastian) #1



  • Must be an active contributor in the forum AND the database
  • Must have been here for some time (a few weeks)
  • Must be seriously committed to teamwork and database maintenance, forum moderation
  • Must be proficient in the English language (additional language is of advantage but not necessary)
  • Must agree to use their real first and last names


  • All editors get an email account that comes with all Google email, docs, calendar etc features
  • All editors get own forum ranks and moderator privileges
  • All editors enjoy the benefit of a prestigious and very popular website and may carry their “job title” officially (for example as signature in their spaghetti western email account, which is obligatory, or in forum signatures of other websites, on business cards etc)
  • All editors are eligible to receive press copies of BluRays/DVDs should this website receive such from companies, for reviewing purposes
  • Editors are free to conduct business and public relations on behalf of this website on their own and may use their job title and email address to contact companies and media in coordination with the Executive Editor


  • Editors need to be committed and serious about their participation in this website (but it’s voluntary)
  • Editors should communicate with the rest of the staff about all things and check the email account provided
  • Editors bear the burden of reputation and must not abuse their official email address and job title they carry for misconduct.

That’s all I can think of right now, it all sounds very official and strict, but in fact it’s a little reward for all the hard work and an effort to bring us all a bit closer together.

Post in this topic if you’re interested (you can be the most active editor and not be official staff member, so there are no obligations).

UPDATE: We are especially looking for editors from the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil

UPDATE 2015: Criteria for staff membership is any sort of activity within the last 6 months. Otherwise it means parking position or being listed under “previous & inactive staff”. Articles in the Planet or constructive activity in the forums count as activity towards staff membership (i.e. posts in the saloon alone do not).