How to join the Staff of the SWDb

Come join the team, the SWDb needs you.

We’re always looking for more hands on deck, so if you can and want to volunteer some time to help this community project, please get in touch.


  • We’d love staff members to be active contributors both in the forum AND to the database
  • Ideally, you’ve been here for some time (a few weeks), so well all know each other a bit better
  • Not a must, but ideally you like teamwork and what we need most (so that would be great if you’d be interested in this) is help to improve all kinds of stuff around the SWDb; but, we also need forum moderators. Basically there’s all kinds of ways to chip in.
  • Must not necessarily be proficient in the English language (additional language is of advantage but not necessary), but at least enough to communicate with the rest of the team.


  • All editors get own forum ranks and moderator privileges
  • All editors enjoy the benefit of a prestigious and very popular website and may reference this “position”
  • All editors are eligible to receive press copies of BluRays/DVDs should this website receive such from companies, for reviewing purposes
  • Editors are free to interact with third parties on behalf of this website on their own and may use their job title and email address to contact companies and media in coordination with the Executive Editor


  • Editors should to be committed and serious about their participation in this website (but it’s voluntary)
  • Editors should communicate with the rest of the staff about their activities if needed.
  • Editors bear the burden of reputation and must not abuse their role.

It all sounds very official and strict, but in fact it’s just about community and teamwork and a minimum of commitment to a project that is the sum of its parts.

Post in this topic if you’re interested.

UPDATE: We are especially looking for editors from the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil

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Just to dig this up. As I have been deleting a ton of spammy accounts from the SWDb, and over the last few months have gone through all the contributors: we really need more help :slight_smile: No really, we do. In all languages, from all over the globe. Every little contribution helps, whether you’re fixing spelling mistakes or uploading dvd covers… No need to be an “official” anything (albeit I would love to welcome more official staff members).

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We’re looking for enthusiasts to join the SWDb’s rag tag posse of editors, contributors, moderators and/or researchers/informants. Reach out to us!

Hello! Im Uri from barcelona, spain. My native lantuage is spanish but I’m fluent in english and portiguese. I would love to join the SWD staff! I love spaghetti westerns, I watch them weekly and I buy all the new physical media available. So if I can join the staff and help im available!


yes you can! Is there anything specific you would like to do? One thing we can certainly use is good quality Spanish posters, lobby cards and other materials wherever the SWDb doesn’t have it yet.

Yes! I dont know, I can help reviewing movies for example, but I can help in other needed areas too. Soon I’m planning to visit Almeria desert (where all the spaghetti westerns where filmed)

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We can definitely use some reviews in Spanish. Also, not sure if all the info is correct and complete regarding BluRay/DVD releases, books and soundtracks from Spain. And there’s a TV ticker topic here somewhere, too