How Many References Can You Spot?

If you will indulge me… This year marks the 25th anniversary of a novel I wrote called Dark Ages. Although it’s a dark fantasy tale set in 1990s England, it is very much influenced by my lifelong love of spaghetti westerns. If you open the online sample provided by Amazon and look at the list of chapter headings, how many references can you spot? I had 13 in mind. Some are obvious, and some are very obscure!

Should you wish to check out the novel itself, you may find many characters, scenes and snippets of dialogue which might seem quite familiar…

Hah, funnily enough the chapter “Requiem,” is what jumped out at me the most, though, it’s likely the least Spaghetti Westernlike name on there.

Your book seems fascinating, I’d like to read it some day. Unfortunately, I can’t get it open.
Could you attach a screenshot or a list of those chapter headings?