How many films are there that are tenuously tied in with the 'dollars' trilogy?

How many films are there that are tenuously tied in with the ‘fistful of dollars’ trilogy?

of course as we all know the Sergeo Leone trilogy starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef;
A Fistful of Dollars,
For a Few Dollars More,
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I know Once Upon a Time in the West (starring Charles Bronson) is also known as A Fistful of Dynamite,

I have also just come across a film called A Fistful of Lead???

anyone got any info? or any more to add including info on starring roles?

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tis true I believe - also I’ve just found a film with Klaus Kinski in called A Fistful of Death!

[quote=“sonofleemarvin, post:3, topic:1371”]tis true I believe - also I’ve just found a film with Klaus Kinski in called A Fistful of Death![/quote]Oh no! and there’s a films with George Hilton called Fistful of Lead! :smiley:

These are two different films Sergio Leone films Sonofleemarvin. Here are the links to their pages below:

As for other films which use the words Fistful or Dollars in their titles to make tenuous links with the successful trilogy, well that list could go on all night. :smiley: The italians loved such antics. (As did distributors everywhere it would seem) It cost nothing and might just get an extra bum in a seat somewhere.

aaahhh yes i got confused with once upon a time…the revolution

Now here’s a confusion. My cover for ‘They Call Me Halleluja’ has an A.K.A. of ‘A Fistful Of Lead’. My cover for ‘Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistols For A Coffin’ has an A.K.A. of 'Fistful Of Lead". Both are Hilton and Southwood films and directed by Carnimeo. Unsurprisingly Weisser lists neither with the F.O.L. alternative…help me chaps … which one is correct? I suspect the Halleluja one but I just do not know to be honest.

Just noticed that on the ‘Fistful Of Lead’ thread the same confusion arises in the second post.,4.0.html

Edit : Having now read the whole F.O.L. thread I see that there is lots of comparison between the films (perhaps I should have done this first…doh!!). But still the confusion remains. I have seen both films individually referred to in various threads when ‘Fistful Of Lead’ crops up. Seems like various members believe it to be one or other film and at least one person is confusing the two. What is the answer? Which film is F.O.L.?

Ha ha!
Just looked at They Call Me Halleluja thread and realised I’ve sort of done all this before. Is it the perils of alcohol or just that I am getting old? ;D No definitve reason for the confusion on there either but I forgot the confusion had arisen before.
Is it just that some plonker did not do his research properly before making a cover? Someone enlighten me please. :-\

I think it is just a badly researched cover Tig. Although, to be fair, this genre doesn’t make it easy for anyone with shared titles etc. As far as I know Fistful of Lead is the Sartana film. That’s the one I’ve got anyway. But then the only thing I’m ever really sure of is that I’m never really sure of anything :wink:

Cheers Phil.
After talking to you this morning I came home and watched the opening titles on each film. TCMH was credited as Mi chiamano Alleluja (speaks for itself).
Sartana’s Here… came up as Fistful of Lead on the titles. Think that answers my query pretty damn conclusively. Now why did I not do that last night? :-[

BTW just noticed my covers for both films were designed by the same guy, Tom Beterams. He made lots of great covers and made them available for everyone so a tiny mistake is totally pardonable.