How did he do it?

You know how Tarantino was able to make Django Unchained, a tribute to the Django films, both official and unofficial? How did he do it?

Well, with Tarantino being one of the top ten ultimate film buffs and having been self taught in filmmaking, I would have to say it was a mixture of his love of paying homage to his all time favorite genres and his originality in storytelling. He also did consult history books and varied other forms of research to get that period of time in the South, with all the contrasting beauty and ugliness that was present in it, right.

Sometimes he over-exaggerates things, but generally I would say he did what any other filmmaker does, the research, pitching it to various producers, and writing a treatment in such a way that peaks interest in seeing what would happen when he expanded it.

Do you theorize Disney could also do a tribute/homage to Spaghetti Westerns? You know use Spaghetti Western names and characters?

In terms of Disney actually doing a film that would be a new kind of SW as well as paying homage to the genre, I would have to say no, only because Disney wants nothing to do with R rated films and film types that would only appeal to a select audience. The closest film for kids that ever acknowledged the SW genre was Rango from 2011 in which a mysterious character that looks very much like Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name helps out the title character. There was a film being made in Italy a year or so back that’s very much a new is SW is called Oro e Piombo (Gold or Lead), here’s the trailer

I myself am in the starting process to come up with a good SW story to film in the Old Tuscon Studios in Tuscon Arizona.

The Mandalorian is already a spaghetti western of sorts :slight_smile:


Well maybe they could make it work for them. They are able to do anything. They have proven that movies don’t R-Ratings or R-Rated materials to be successful.

It’s quite possible they could yes, and as the Admin of the forum said, The Mandalorian series has many of the SW genre qualities to it, the setting is just somewhere in Outer Space instead of the Old West.

What is the Old Tuscon Studios? What SW story are you making? What is Gold or Lead?

The Old Tuscon Studios is an authentic Western village located in Tuscon, Arizona in the USA. Films such as Silverado, Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, and The Quick and the Dead were shot there, as well as many episodes of the 1960’s Western television series The High Chaparrel. Currently it’s a popular tourist site where the films shot there in the past are reenacted for visitors, and little performances written and performed by staff and local actors. If you look up Old Tuscon Studios shows on YouTube you’ll find some pretty cool stuff.

I can’t divulge too much information on the story I’m doing right now as I have a couple ideas in mind and trying to figure out how to incorporate them all in. I can tell right now it’ll be s story about several wondering cowboys cowgirls who team up to save a town.

Oro e Piombo (Gold or Lead) was released in Italy on December 2019, but it hasn’t had an international release date yet due to COVID. For some reason not much information is available in terms of the IMDB about it, but here’s some articles on it you can Google Translate

I would like to work in entertainment media as well. I do have ideas for film and TV, and business ideas for film companies. But they are for Disney, do you think you could offer any help?

I do have a friend who’s an actor and acting coach whom I was planning on asking for help with the eventful script, but right now he’s focusing on being a husband and having a family (which I’m very excited for him about). Hopefully he’ll be able to help me out later on.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but good luck to you.