How about this for a UK election poster?

Check out number 7 in the reader-designed posters at the Guardian website.


ha ha excellent! :slight_smile:

Very cool. However, which one is which is open to debate. ;D

Anyone else thinking that David Cameron looks like Jason Robards?

Well, not so much debate necessary about which one is the ugly surely ;D
Although perhaps a good title would be The Bad, the Worse and the Unbearable

perhaps a better, more topical poster as the election is likely to be a hung parliament is " Hang Them High". i for one would hang all the lying, cheating prats! >:(

I personally ain’t voting for any of 'em.

I thought I’d post it here in case it disappears in the future :wink:

Pretty funny ;D .

So you’re going to vote BNP? ;D (no offence)