Horst frank

HORST FRANK 1929-1999 was a prolific, talented German Supporting Film Actor

Discuss your memories, favourite films, life and times of this wonderful German superstar.

SD HORST FRANK FAVOURITE FILMS (Marked in BOLD = Especially liked)

Voyage To Danger 1962 Karin Baal

[b]WHITE SPIDER /b 1963 Karin Dor

Operation Hong Kong 1964 Maria Perschy



RED DRAGON 1965 Stewart Granger

Black Eagle Of Santa Fe 1965 Rosanna Schiaffino

VENGEANCE OF FU MAN CHU 1967 Christopher Lee

HATE THY NEIGHBOUR 1967 George Eastman

MOMENT TO KILL 1968 George Hilton

JOHNNY HAMLET 1968 Gilbert Roland

SO SWEET SO PERVERSE 1969 Carroll Baker

CAT 0’ NINE TAILS 1971 James Franciscus

GRAND DUEL 1972 Lee Van Cleef

EYE IN THE LABYRINTH 1972 Sybill Danning

DEAD ARE ALIVE 1972 Alex Cord

Albino 1976 Christopher Lee

Many many others. :smiley:

One of my favourite actors, I wrote-up a detailed biography of him here: Horst Frankhttp://mondo-esoterica.net/links_pages/Horst%20Frank.html

I’ve seen five of his films:

  • The Head (1959)
  • Johnny Hamlet (1968)
  • Pistole non Discutono (1964)
  • Preparati la Bara (1968)
  • Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967)

and I highly recommend them all.

WONDERFUL RTC Tim I am very impressed with your Horst Frank Biography. Good Work. :o

Yes those films you saw and the remainder of Horst Frank’s impressive credits all superb.

Agreed. I’ve only seen him in Grand Duel and Moment to Kill, but he left an undeliable impression in both films.

Did he ever play a protagonist in a SW?

I don’t think so, he very rarely ever played a lead role - only in ‘The Head’ (1959) from what I can see, and possibly the German sci-fi film ‘Operation Ganymed’ (1977) where he was top billed.

moment to kill 1968
grand duel 1972
johny hamlet 1968
hate thy neighbor 1968

Look at the new “Teutonen Western Collection” from Koch Media! There is a great Interview with him!

Cool, is it English friendly?

No, only German audio

easy one of my best actors! :smiley:

Horst Frank was very good in a couple of giallos, CAT O’NINE TAILS + EYE IN THE LABYRINTH, and had a great “evil” face for spaghettis, like VIVA DJANGO, MOMENT TO KILL, and HATE THY NEIGHBOUR ; Klaus Kinski, Horst Frank and Herbert Fux were some of the best actors in spaghettis…A Happy New Year to you all…(I know its a bit late…)

he is better than claus kinski

awesome acting!!!

I see this topic is a bit old, but as I just saw another film with Horst frank yesterday, and he is imo not just the best SW-actor but one of my absolute favorite actors in any genre (i would actually just watch any film he is in), maybe it’s time to resurrect this thread a bit and give this man again a bit attention. :slight_smile:

I think his main strengths lie in his screen presence (especially his body language, the posture the way he moves, not just facial expressions), his timing when he is interacting with other actors (when exactly he moves, speaks, etc.) and especially his voice and intonation (unfortunately that can be understood best if one speaks German…). He played in over a dozen Westerns (mostly SW) but he has made far over 100 films. S

o what are some of your favorite performances you have come across?

I especially enjoyed him in Castellari’s JOHNNY HAMLET and in Michael Pfleghar’s DIE TOTE VON BEVERLY HILLS.

his acting looks a lot like billy drago’s

Better than Kinski? Nah. :wink:

I’ll try to think of that, next time I watch anything with Drago. Haven’t seen any of his films in ages.

Yeah, Mr. Bronson, even better than Kinski! Though it took me some time to appreciate Horst Frank, while Kinski… heh,I guess he just pops from the screen the first time you see him, the crazy bastard. :wink:

I like Drago’s maniacal approach/menacing presence, which is maybe why the two are compared, but Frank was a far better actor.

Is he really a better actor than Klaus Kinski? I think I’ve only seen his SWs and he does make a great villain. I thought Kinski was brilliant as Nosferatu.

I thought Kinski was brilliant as Nosferatu.

I concur.

And I think Kinski is the better actor. But mileage varies…