Hopalong Cassidy

I’ve been watching some Hopalong Cassidy films on Youtube as of late. I first got into the character while I was working in a call centre, working for SiriusXM. We had the perks of listening to the online play minus some channels such as live sports or concerts. One of the channels I’ve listened to was Radio Classics, that played classic radio shows and I’ve got into several shows including the Hopalong Cassidy radio show.

I then started watching the films on Youtube, watched a documentary on actor William Boyd, listened to an audiobook based on one of the original Clarence E. Mulford novels that was read by Burt Reynolds that was uploaded on Spotify. I even created a Hopalong Cassidy subreddit.

I think Boyd was very charismatic, dare I say more charismatic than John Wayne (and from what I heard, a nicer guy too).


Always liked old Hoppy myself.

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