Homage Spag Westerns: verdicts, good, the bad and the ugly

I watched Dollar for the Dead. It is the film that actually got me started with the genre. It is dedicated to Sergio Leone so I was thinking about other homage movies that have come out over the years. What does everybody think of them? How do they react when they come out?

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Hi, mate. Firstly, welcome to the site.

Regarding ‘Dollar for the Dead’, directed by Spaghetti actor/director, Tony Anthony, it is also one that I like…
If you have seen them, what do you think of Tony Anthony’s contribution to the genre…the three ‘Stranger’ films, ‘Blindman’, and ‘Get Mean’?

Dollar for the Dead? I don’t think that has anything to do with Tony Anthony.

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I have seen Blindman, loved the Old West Zatoichi vibe of it; all the more crazier with Ringo in it.

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He produced it apparently. Gene Quintano directed it.


Apologies. Ali is quite right, and I was wrong…Tony Anthony didn’t direct ‘Dollar For the Dead’…he produced it.

It doesn’t matter who Directed it, Produced it or who starred in it, the film is a pile of SHIT!!!.
Emilio Estevez Pfffffft!

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Do I dare ask why?

What do you think to it in terms of music, visual style and locations?

I enjoyed it, more because I’d visited the main location, ‘Texas Hollywood’, on several occasions. I think Emilio Estevez was chosen simply to ride off on the success of the two ‘Young Guns’ films. The film, for me, at least, is not particularly original, the music is adequate, the acting is so-so. However, any film that - good or bad - that may encourage viewers to learn more about the locations, and the Spaghetti genre that it is trying to applaud - is not all bad.

Nice summery. The plot isn’t that original, I not sure it was even intended. Just constructed from Spaghetti Western tropes that people would recognise. Emilio? He was the last great western anti hero. He is also very funny. He is no Eastwood. His character and the tone of the film sits between a trinity film and a corbucci one.
Visually it mixes Leone, Peckinpah and John Woo. Great fun to watch. 8/10

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Have you seen the following:
Django 2
Revenge of the Gunfighter
Jonathan of the Bears
Doc West

Doc West is so boring for me but Jonathan of the Bears and Troublemakers are good fun. Can’t remember Django 2 much, so I’ll have to give it another watch soon. Didn’t care much for Dollar for the Dead when I saw it

The only one I have seen is Dollar for the Dead which got me into the genre and part of Jonathan of the Bears. Thanks for the feed back I can sort out my priority viewing list!

I wouldn’t start with any of those. Later Bud/Terence material is quite bad. Jonathan of the Bears could be Keoma’s dumb little cousin and Django 2 is not even a western. Dollar for the Dead has more spaghetti connections than the other movies, but is not really a good movie. I don’t mind Estevez, by the way.

If you’re looking for spaghetti homage, I suggest The Quick and the Dead and From Dusk Till Dawn 2.

Quick or the Dead with all the quirky Sam Raiminess!! And Sharon Stone in her prime! I forgot that one!!