His Name Was Holy Ghost / Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato … parola di Spirito Santo (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1972)

Oh, I’ve found it on the YT channel now. :+1:

The packaging looks nice, as usual, I’ll give it that. At least its got that going for it.

This has one of the best title sequences in the sub-genre. Have there been any good Blu-Ray releases of this one yet?

Yeah, just recently the German one

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Thank goodness I have a region free player!

Has anyone watched the Germsn blu ray and reappraised this one? Its a gap in my Garko collection.

Haven’t really managed to write a review. I would say for a slightly comedic western it’s almost a tad too smart, but it’s neither super entertaining nor will it ever regain a position of fandom…


I got the most recent German blu and really enjoyed it. Some clever humor in it as well as some exciting sequences.


Totally agree…also loved the humour.

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