His Name Was Holy Ghost / Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato … parola di Spirito Santo (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1972)

Fandub of the Spanish disc in 2.35 which is cut at the beginning of the film by 8 minutes so for this section the fandubbed T.V print is used.

Same crappy audio for the whole disc though?

Sounds a bit better re less hiss, but when I get alot of hiss on fandubs I just turn the treble down on my amp.

This one isn’t bad, I certainly prefer it to Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… Mi chiamano Alleluja. The cast is pretty interesting, and I especially liked the rather irreverent “Last Supper” scene. Without the long, avoidable sequence in the Trinity style Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato… parola di Spirito Santo would have been more or less comparable to the Sartana films.
All things considered an average SW in the best sense of the word: 3/5

Weird spaghetti, this one

Like others have previously noted, a blend of violence and goofy comedy

The action and gunplay scenes are nicely done, and some of the comedy is even funny.

One scene where the Holy Ghost throws a bundle of dynamite at a wagon of baddies and then draws his gun/shoots it to explosion was a uniquely great action moment.

Too much overlong slapstick going on throughout the film for me though, with the extended fighting scenes and whatnot.

Still not bad, and certainly enjoyable.

The Trojan Horse joke is certainly funny but difficult to translate:
Troia = Troy
troia = female pig and by extension whore
Which explains why Spirito Santo clears his throat before saying “cavallo di Troia” and taking in the whores.

This film is completely insane, which is why I enjoyed it a lot. :grinning:

Can’t say I was blown away by it, but it has its moments
A Zapata in the style of Sartana seasoned with lots of Trinity


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From Database Review:
(1) The dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost and according to Garko (in a 1971 interview in Domenica del Corriere) the name ‚Holy Ghost’ only referred to the dove, not the man (who is called 'Harold’ throughout the movie)

That was the original intention, but in the released movie - I’m talking about the Italian version - Garko’s character is called Spirito Santo, sometimes abbreviated to Santo and never Harold (not a good adaptation for the English dub in my opinion).

I’ll check things tomorrow. Thought I had this info from Giusti’s book, but I might have jumped to conclusions

Working my way into some more Garko territory. We definitely need a new and concise synopsis for this. I moved one text that was pretty good into the opinions section for now, because it was so much more than a synopsis, but we’d do good identifying who wrote it…

The movie’s page has been updated to the new 3.0 layout. Please let us know if anything needs to be corrected or improved, maybe you have texts, facts, infos, reviews or pictures to add…

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It’s… so much worse than I thought :smiley:


Chris Huerta in a blonde wig running around in a dress and being referred to as Chicken… :sweat_smile:

Not going to be doing one of your usual videos of it then? :grin:

Unboxing? You missed it :slight_smile:

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Oh, I’ve found it on the YT channel now. :+1:

The packaging looks nice, as usual, I’ll give it that. At least its got that going for it.

This has one of the best title sequences in the sub-genre. Have there been any good Blu-Ray releases of this one yet?

Yeah, just recently the German one

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Thank goodness I have a region free player!

Has anyone watched the Germsn blu ray and reappraised this one? Its a gap in my Garko collection.

Haven’t really managed to write a review. I would say for a slightly comedic western it’s almost a tad too smart, but it’s neither super entertaining nor will it ever regain a position of fandom…