Hi! My top spaghetti westerns .

Hi, I am new to the forum. Since I missed the vote for the Top 20, I wanted to post my ratings of the best spaghetti westerns (and clones*). The following films are simply given a rating out of 10 stars . . . similarly rated films are lumped together in no particular order . . . and my tastes are a little idiosyncratic.

Once Upon A Time In The West

9.5 of 10
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Great Silence
For A Few Dollars More
A Bullet For The General
The Return of Ringo
My Name is Nobody

Fistful of Dollars
Django Kill
The Big Gundown
Massacre Time
Death Rides a Horse
The Forgotten Pistolero
Cemetary Without Crosses
The Bounty Killer
Deathy Sentence
Johnny Hamlet

Face to Face
The Price of Power
Jaider’s Gang
Day of Anger
Adios Gringo
Fury of Johnny Kid
For A Few Bullets More
The Good, The Bad, And The Weird*
The Hellbenders
Duck, You Sucker

Arizona Colt
John The Bastard
Lemonade Joe
A Professional Gun
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof
China 9, Liberty 37
Clint the Stranger
Cut-Throats Nine
Four of the Apocalypse
Johnny Yuma
Kill the Wicked!
My Name Is Trinity
Navajo Joe
Run, Man, Run
7 Guns For The MacGregors
Shanghai Joe
Sugar Colt
Trinity Is STILL My Name!

$1,000 on the Black
10,000 Dollars for a Massacre
800 Bullets*
A Bullet for Sandoval
A Dollar Between the Teeth
A Man, a Horse, a Gun
A Pistol for Ringo
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
Ace High
Antonio das Mortes
Any Gun Can Play
At the End of the Rainbow
Blind Justice
Blood for a Silver Dollar
Blood River
Blu Gang e vissero per sempre felici e ammazzati
Boot Hill
Buddy Goes West
Campa carogna… la taglia cresce
Damned Hot Day of Fire
Day After Tomorrow
Dead Men Don’t Count
Death’s Dealer
Deep West
Django, Prepare a Coffin
Dynamite Jack
El Topo*
El tunco Maclovio*
El Zorro justiciero
Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer
Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace
Four Rode Out
Texas Addios
Gunfight at High Noon
Gunman Called Nebraska
Guns of Nevada
High Plains Drifter*
His Name Was Holy Ghost
I Do Not Forgive… I Kill!
I giorni della violenza
I Want Him Dead
If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death
The Magnificent Texan
In a Colt’s Shadow
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
Last of the Renegades
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?
Long Days of Vengeance
Los irrompibles*
L’ultimo pistolero
Neulovimye mstiteli
Night of the Serpent
Novye priklyucheniya neulovimykh
One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Lassiter
Rampage at Apache Wells
Red Sun
Return of Halleluja
Taste of Vengeance
The Dirty Outlaws
The Hills Run Red
The Moment to Kill
The Relentless Four
The Road to Fort Alamo
The Ruthless Four
The Silent Stranger
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!
Tre pistole contro Cesare
Treasure of Silver Lake
Two Faces of the Dollar
Un minuto per pregare, un instante per morire
Un treno per Durango
Vengeance is Mine
Who Killed Johnny R.?

Adios Sabata
Boss Nigger*
Gunfight at Red Sands
The Five Man Army
The Grand Duel

A Girl Is a Gun
A Long Ride from Hell
A Man Called Blade
A Man Called Sledge
A Stranger in Paso Bravo
Returh of Sabata
All Out
Apocalypse Joe
Awkward Hands
Ballata per un pistolero
Black Jack
Born to Kill
Bullets Don’t Argue
Cavalca e uccidi
Challenge to White Fang
Chapaqua’s Gold
Colt in the Hand of the Devil
Con lui cavalca la morte
Cost of Dying
Day of Judgment
Dead Are Countless
Death Knows No Time
Death Played the Flute
Django Defies Sartana
Django Kills Softly
Django the Bastard
Doc, Hands of Steel
Dollar for the Dead
Due once di piombo
Dynamite Jim
El Condor*
Find a Place to Die
Finger on the Trigger
For One Thousand Dollars Per Day
Four Bullets for Joe
Fuera de la ley
Fuzzy the Hero
Gentleman Killer
Go with God, Gringo
God in Heaven… Arizona on Earth
God Made Them… I Kill Them
Gold Train
Gun Shy Piluk
Gunman Sent by God
Gunmen of Rio Grande
Guns for San Sebastian
Hands of Gunman
Hate for Hate
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay
He Who Shoots First
Hole in the Forehead
I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin
Il lungo giorno della violenza
Il ritorno di Clint il solitario
Il venditore di morte
I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly
In the West There Was a Man Named Invincible
In the Wild West
Kanunsuz kahraman - Ringo Kid
Killer Caliber .32
Killer Goodbye
Killer Kid
La sfida dei MacKenna
La taglia è tua… l’uomo l’ammazzo io
Law of Violence
Legacy of the Incas
Lo chiamavano King
Lone and Angry Man
Man from Canyon City
Mercenaries of the Rio Grande
Minnesota Clay
More Dollars for the MacGregors
Mutiny at Fort Sharp
One More to Hell
Panhandle 38
Pecos Cleans Up
Per il gusto di uccidere
Pride and Vengeance
Quel maledetto giorno della resa dei conti
Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest
Ranch of the Ruthless
Renegade Riders
Return of Django
Revenge for Revenge
Reverend’s Colt
Ringo and Gringo Against All
Ringo; Face of Revenge
Ringo’s Big Night
Sartana Does Not Forgive
Savage Pampas
Secret of Captain O’Hara
Shades of Zorro
Shoot, Gringo… Shoot!
Si puia fare… amigo
Sonny and Jed
Sukiyaki Western Django
Texas Ranger
The Animals
The Boldest Job in the West
The Deserter
The Last Tomahawk
The Little Cowboy
The Man Called Noon
The Tramplers
The Unholy Four
They Call Me Lucky
They Died with Their Boots On
They Still Call Me Amen
Thompson 1880
Tomb of the Pistolero
Trusting Is Good… Shooting Is Better
Twenty Paces to Death
Two Mules for Sister Sara
Uccidi o muori
Una lunga fila di croci
Up the MacGregors
Vengeance Is My Forgiveness
Viva! Django
Zanna Bianca

$100,000 for Ringo
A Town Called Hell
Al di là della legge
All’ultimo sangue
And Now… Make Your Peace with God
Arizona Colt Returns
Ballad of Death Valley
Behind the Mask of Zorro
Buckaroo: The Winchester Does Not Forgive
Bullets and the Flesh
Colt in the Hand of the Devil
Custer of the West
Death on High Mountain
Die Flußpiraten vom Mississippi
Django the Condemned
Django, a Bullet for You
Due croci a Danger Pass
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die
Dust in the Sun
Karate, Fists, and Beans
Eye for an Eye
Fall of the Mohicans
Fasthands Is Still My Name
Five for Revenge
Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity
Get Mean
Grand Canyon Massacre
Hate Is My God
Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death
I tre del Colorado
If One Is Born a Swine
Il mio corpo per un poker
Il mio West
Il segno del coyote
Jesse James’ Kid
Jessy Does Not Forgive… He Kills!
Joe Dakota
Joe l’implacabile
Johnny Colt
Kitosch, the Man Who Came from the North
Left Handed Johnny West
Long Days of Hate
Los siete de Pancho Villa
Man of the Cursed Valley
One Against One… No Mercy
Passa Sartana… è l’ombra della tua morte
Pistol for a Hundred Coffins
Prey of Vultures
Quel maledetto giorno d’inverno… Django e Sartana all’ultimo sangue
Quintana: Dead or Alive
Quinto: non ammazzare
Robin Hood, Arrows, Beans and Karate
Ruthless Colt of the Gringo
Sei bounty killers per una strage
Sentence of God
Seven Hours of Gunfire
Seven Magnificent Guns
Seven Pistols for a Gringo
Seven Pistols for a Massacre
Sheriff with the Gold
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
Stagecoach of the Condemned
Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse
Straniero… fatti il segno della croce!
Sword of Zorro
Take a Hard Ride
The Bang-Bang Kid
The Beast
The Colt Is My Law
The Last Rebel
The Texican
The Warrior and the Sorceress
They Believed He Was No Saint
They Were Called Graveyard
Three Crosses Not to Die
Three Graves for a Winchester
Trinity and Sartana Are Coming
Two Brothers, One Death
Uccidete Johnny Ringo
Wanted Johnny Texas
Wanted Sabata
Zorro the Rebel

Alive or Preferably Dead
Black Tigress
Brother Outlaw
Buffalo Bill
Colorado Charlie
Cry of Death
Damned Pistols of Dallas
Deadly Trackers
Diamante Lobo
Dollar of Fire
Fantasma en el Oeste
Fighters from Ave Maria
Four Came to Kill Sartana
Four Candles for Garringo
Great Treasure Hunt
Hero Called Allegria
His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen
I Protect Myself Against My Enemies
Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West
Macho Killers
Man Called Amen
Plomo sobre Dallas
Ramon the Mexican
Sheriff of Rock Springs
The Last Gun
The Legend of Frank Woods
The Masked Thief
Un hombre vino a matar
What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution
White Comanche
You’re Jinxed, Friend You’ve Met Sacramento

Beyond the Frontiers of Hate
Blood River
Guia la testa… hombre
Il giustiziere di Dio
Return of Shanghai Joe
Seven Savage Men
The Last Traitor

Bad Man’s River
Die blutigen Geier von Alaska
Finders Killers
Three Bullets for a Long Gun

Cipolla Colt

You haven’t missed it. The top 20 is an ongoing project which will last as long as earth lasts.

You can post your personal top 20 at any time in the top 20 thread and then it will become part of the big list. And you can post a revised one any time you want.