Hi again, and a question

(Dale Cooper) #1

Hey all! Don’t know who still posts here, but I had an account many years ago when I was first getting interested in spaghetti westerns. Recently I’ve been on a real kick again, watching one every few days and slowly replacing my old DVDs with Blu Rays, so I thought I would register to post a thing or three and see who is still around here. If any of you were posting like a decade ago, maybe you’ll remember my one and only contribution to the wider world of spaghetti fandom - I designed the covers for Franco Cleef’s fan releases of The Big Gundown and Light the Fuse. I’ve still got my copies of both.

Anyway, I’ve also got a question: have there been any murmurs out there about a Blu Ray release of Run Man Run? I hold all the Sollima movies in high esteem, hard to believe this one hasn’t gotten the deluxe treatment yet, even if it’s not the equal of The Big Gundown.

(Sebastian) #2

Yes… but no concrete announcements. I think 2019 will be the year it’ll happen

(Dale Cooper) #3

Thanks! Hope it does, that’s one I’d love to see in HD.


It’s the only Top 20 title yet to have the HD treatment.

(Novecento) #5

Doing Franco Cleef’s covers (especially for TBG) earns a huge amount of kudos around these parts.

Yeh i’d love a BD of Run Man Run too. In many ways, the best of Sollima’s trilogy and certainly better than Face to Face IMO.