Hi again, and a question

Hey all! Don’t know who still posts here, but I had an account many years ago when I was first getting interested in spaghetti westerns. Recently I’ve been on a real kick again, watching one every few days and slowly replacing my old DVDs with Blu Rays, so I thought I would register to post a thing or three and see who is still around here. If any of you were posting like a decade ago, maybe you’ll remember my one and only contribution to the wider world of spaghetti fandom - I designed the covers for Franco Cleef’s fan releases of The Big Gundown and Light the Fuse. I’ve still got my copies of both.

Anyway, I’ve also got a question: have there been any murmurs out there about a Blu Ray release of Run Man Run? I hold all the Sollima movies in high esteem, hard to believe this one hasn’t gotten the deluxe treatment yet, even if it’s not the equal of The Big Gundown.

Yes… but no concrete announcements. I think 2019 will be the year it’ll happen

Thanks! Hope it does, that’s one I’d love to see in HD.

It’s the only Top 20 title yet to have the HD treatment.

Doing Franco Cleef’s covers (especially for TBG) earns a huge amount of kudos around these parts.

Yeh i’d love a BD of Run Man Run too. In many ways, the best of Sollima’s trilogy and certainly better than Face to Face IMO.