Heroes of Fort Worth / Gli eroi di Fort Worth (Alberto De Martino, 1964)

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During the War of Independence, a group of Southern soldiers form an alliance with the Apache Indians for the purpose of hunting down and killing the Northern soldiers stationed at Fort Worth.

I bought this one in Badajoz among with other Divisa releases, and it is in the pile. Tried to do some research on it, but didn’t find much more. Any thoughts?

Never heard of it!

Really forgettable western about confederates who ally with indians to fight union. There’s also very stupid side-plot where indian girl Amanda (nice indian name) falls in love with the hero. Boring film, people just keep talking and talking. In inevitable way for early sw’s this film also ends in big stand-out against indians, this time it’s quite bizarre scene as the townsfolk are in drag ???

Eduardo Fajardo brings some charm as the villains to otherwise bland cast.


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Film is way to talkative and you just loose interest in what’s going on very quickly.

Very pedestrian affair it has to be said. Lots of talky exposition interspersed with equal amounts of various groups riding around on horseback. As Bill said above, the stand out point is the soldiers in drag. Apart from that a very dated and old fashioned style of Cavalry versus Indians western.

Have to agree with everybody else here. This one is pretty boring.

@davidgregorybell wrote a kick-ass review of this